Anna Polibina-Polansky Poems

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To My Beloved Kaitleen

I love you, my dear. I look only for your original soul, no raw copies of your consciousness will ever do. I seek for your initial souls, your authorship for things, your layer of existance. I am in no need of frauds. I am accustomed to you and your mode of being. I came to know you, and I would choose noone else, no matter how similar or seemingly the same. I won't mix you up with anyone. I like everything about you and I can even guess how you behave. However, we ought to remain clean before each other. Remember of it. If you turn dirty, I won't stand from things, either. Jesus keeps us if we reveal deep consciousness. You turn me rippened and grownup and everything. I love you so much, my sweetie. Genuine pretty Anechka. Your existence is imprinted in mine. Reamain pure, and I'll tell you all the stories from my past. I won't hide away anything, make sure. I hold you that dear to myself. Jan,21; 2021. Moscow. Who can get compared to the lady of my heart? Only one among billions was born perfect. I don't make love with anyone else, I'm not even tempted. You are my only seduction for a lifetime. I meant to tell you, it is not what it seems. You need know more, from myself. I have things to tell you. I am not easy to be wrenched up, I don't loose my mind. I have to tell you of thing aside from our story. Actually ugly ppl coming neither tempt nor annoy me. I'm lead by my own things, you have to know all. I won't hide anything from you. Nothing too special, but these are traits fro my story. How can we talk? *** My dear one. Look it up plz,4now.
There are ladies comparatively beautiful, at my angle of viewing. Good and special at loox. But I crave to be only with one. I belong to one, and she touches my feelings. She can not bother of anything. I am dependable at her reactions and emotions of me. All day long, and then, anew. I love her so much that other ppl will envy how it goes. There is somthing innate and natural about what we feel. I can't give up the idea of her ever. She owns my inner world. I will do with simplistic wording and phrasing, when it comes to feeling, profound and one of grownups. I am not a kid under the wing of elder ones, I am by myself, and I daily repeat my choice. I know only one person who embody my taste and my fantasies. By Anna.

The Core Of The Capital

How are you doing? We drove over the wintery Moscow, and highways were of huge snowdrafts at sides, though well up lit and so. I enjoyed the atmosphere of a megapolis, with people up crowding near subway's stations and with colorful illuminating of stores... There have appeared multi-storeyed buildings nearby, within my quarter, and basic supermarkets now stand unnoticeable. Moscow keeps only one warantee from becoming unembracably huge, the fact that it lacks the sae or the ocean and that winters here are severe. At the rest, it is immense and uncontrollably civilized. I have been abiding here for 25 long year, since my childhood, and I have breathed it year for long. It is of peril and alarm, when a girl is ruppening at the atmosphere of the city. Her origins underpass intolerable changes. But we still ought not to victimize our anscestry to instant's need and expectations.

Of Perfectionizing The Past, At One More Respect

Those who don't split our pair by scheming, are my friends. I believe in good intentions of our true friends. If they, say, fight with themselves and try to save our established pair, they are yet out friends; that means they are faithful and of will to keep that convicted pair with someone. We don't mind if people watch us, just please don't scheme. I like the idea of gentlemen's clubs over continental Europe, but I'd prefer to see my beloved lady only, at all capacities there. I would repeat all bright pieces of my experience, with my wife. If I connect my past to some personalities, I will keep it no secret from my wife. I will find terms under which I could reveal my past and discover all those details for my lady. I'd rather be greedy for words but discover the essence into her ear. The gist is my true love for her. Noone can replace me, my wife. I had had several girlfrends, but it had never been this way, not a half of it. My wife ought to know of what my highest, utmost points with others. She is allowed to survive it with me and to surpass it, at all points. Perfection is endless. My sweet darling, I ask you not to narrate anyone of our subjects, as we may receive less that we mean. Secrecy is important not only for intelligence service. They spoil your brain with abstract possibilities; I haven't conceived anything at my life, and I do not plan to do anything contradictory to nature. But what if you would prefer a descendant by me in the future; but if not, we will do this way. Who discover things, those suffer; don't give out things, colleagues, let others be happy, their own way and don't sadden them without a need.

Little Me

Don't think I follow anything wrong. No way. If you leave me, then I will be choosing someone. If you leave me only. Keep in mind I am yet clean and don't follow their strategies. I was only toying with virtual acquaintances and have never gone any further as that. Never. You are to enforce me and you are to stop me. I am pure, keep it in mind. Little me.
I look up at ladies. I wonder if it's okay for our relationship. I wonder of many things that you keep unanwered. I am sorry to spend time away from your attention. It's not abnormal that I am wondering. I fear for our future, if I hesitate at the beginning. I am yet clean, but I can't help wondering. I didnit say, I keep interested at other ladies. As I don't. Or maybe so. It would be worse if I admit. I blame myself for all. But you linger and so. You do. Just don't be interested why. What can I say? It's like atomic bombs at each step. What can last beyond? Love checks up things. Last night I was told by one wise man love takes things under control. Not exactly. It affirms and negates all things that are of impact to us. I have experinced love from a very early age, but there exist civilizations on the earth that keep people answering for it. Yes, such spaces exist.

I wonder if you follow me. You needn't be influenced by any, it keeps you irritated, don't you see? Don't hear to anyone, don't even talk to anyone, we two don't need that talking with others. I was looking for who might have been connected to you somehow, and decided it was stupid. Don't share your thoughts and requests with anyone except for Jesus. Humans deviate our creed. Take notes (you needn't keep a literary diary, just notice true things of yourself, not after your lyric character) . It's no good to do literature that much. You needn't be hypocritical to me. I am ever your way and for you. I am at your musical tonality, if anything bothers you, I will take full revenge. I am keeping myself, for you. Keeping yet, quite clean (in reality and morally) . If you mean to fight all my minor links, you need to be with me, at this. Your are my stimulus and my motive (raison d'etre, in French) . You have to accompany me, my sweet. You needn't give up the idea of my purity. Pray for it when UR alone, and you'll keep our very special bond. I fight for our liason, especially within myself. I'd prefer to stay faithful, I need purity for myself.

Return To Where We Started From

Stay with me. I can't do without you. Get back.

To K.

...I'm sorry but i have another note for her. There is nothing bad that I write things on the spot, all at random; my kiddish genre presupposes no metaphors or literary devices. I love her yet, and it's calm here, I mean to reamin clean for her. Perhaps I am not too gifted, but it is my original, innate soul, one of genuine pretty Anechka, and I dont see what she is looking for. I don't think of the narrative structure of my rendition, I think of how not to loose her and not to escape from her too far away. I love her, and if I am this way, I can't help. If I come to another country, I will be harder to get approached. Kay, I love you, but if you are this way, I won't be able to encounter you. Your Me.

Of My Loox

If you mean to get me, you ought to trust in this. I wonder if you want to undividably be with me, you make me hesitate. If you love the time we spend together (though only over the ether) , you have to fight for me for a spell. Make me trust in that I am meant for you. I don't prefer it to be onlymy initiative. Prove me that I need only you and noone beyond. I am literal, I admit no metaphors. If you liked it with me, why you linger? I live at a civilized area, at least, we can escape here. But I'd prefer to meet you, at your original soul, someplace. Even if you consider yourself a copy or smth. I believe fully at your soul. People are awful here, all ugly but of artificial smiles. I mean to get where UR. Is it so complicated? I've virtually overslept twice with your copy, and now I have no idea what to do. I don't mean to get dirty anymore. I mean to belong to you, if U prefer to stay about. I liked it with U. Do U want my looks? If you mean to get me, you ought to at least let ME know of it. Will U plz? (I will get the correspondance, make sure) . Or write me here. Or to fb. Do smth, my sweetie.
*** I try to find out who wishes to date with me. And I desperately seek you everywhere. At every nook and pocket. I don't need physical relationship, I'm sufficed with it (though yet physically clean) . I want your looks. I am less pure with each night. My appearence is demanded, and I though it to be invisible. Will you fight me away from their imposing interest? I will leave you in peace. Do what U prefer, darling. I just wonder if you have seen my pix. Plz do, if yet not. All is still meant for you. But I'm less crystal, with the time.

We Play Games? Love Ya, All The Same.

Kay, I hold little things between us, dear to my heart. I also prefer watching pictures to reading texts)) Let's play, so.

Get Back, My Love Is True

Look. None of them was to blame. My head went giddy from the coming air. I glued up to them like a sticker and didn't let them out. They said they are busy, but I didn't hear. They were so cool and of fresh looks. I needed them. I spent two evenings fancying up things with them. That is the entire story. I am sorry, but circumstances took me up. I was ccompliant, attracted and imposing me at them. It acted like a gulp of the new. I couldn't help reacting. I uttered them compliments and scattered them about. It was this way. I am sorry. I love you and need noone else. I won't return to that, it's clear. It was stupid of me. I am to blame before accidental faces.

How Can It Be?

They affirm they are in relative ties with me. How can it ever be? They take plots from the hells that I've never been at. I thought they are just girls to my liking.

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