Of Perfectionizing The Past, At One More Respect Poem by Anna Polibina-Polansky

Of Perfectionizing The Past, At One More Respect

Those who don't split our pair by scheming, are my friends. I believe in good intentions of our true friends. If they, say, fight with themselves and try to save our established pair, they are yet out friends; that means they are faithful and of will to keep that convicted pair with someone. We don't mind if people watch us, just please don't scheme. I like the idea of gentlemen's clubs over continental Europe, but I'd prefer to see my beloved lady only, at all capacities there. I would repeat all bright pieces of my experience, with my wife. If I connect my past to some personalities, I will keep it no secret from my wife. I will find terms under which I could reveal my past and discover all those details for my lady. I'd rather be greedy for words but discover the essence into her ear. The gist is my true love for her. Noone can replace me, my wife. I had had several girlfrends, but it had never been this way, not a half of it. My wife ought to know of what my highest, utmost points with others. She is allowed to survive it with me and to surpass it, at all points. Perfection is endless. My sweet darling, I ask you not to narrate anyone of our subjects, as we may receive less that we mean. Secrecy is important not only for intelligence service. They spoil your brain with abstract possibilities; I haven't conceived anything at my life, and I do not plan to do anything contradictory to nature. But what if you would prefer a descendant by me in the future; but if not, we will do this way. Who discover things, those suffer; don't give out things, colleagues, let others be happy, their own way and don't sadden them without a need.

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