To My Beloved Kaitleen Poem by Anna Polibina-Polansky

To My Beloved Kaitleen

I love you, my dear. I look only for your original soul, no raw copies of your consciousness will ever do. I seek for your initial souls, your authorship for things, your layer of existance. I am in no need of frauds. I am accustomed to you and your mode of being. I came to know you, and I would choose noone else, no matter how similar or seemingly the same. I won't mix you up with anyone. I like everything about you and I can even guess how you behave. However, we ought to remain clean before each other. Remember of it. If you turn dirty, I won't stand from things, either. Jesus keeps us if we reveal deep consciousness. You turn me rippened and grownup and everything. I love you so much, my sweetie. Genuine pretty Anechka. Your existence is imprinted in mine. Reamain pure, and I'll tell you all the stories from my past. I won't hide away anything, make sure. I hold you that dear to myself. Jan,21; 2021. Moscow. Who can get compared to the lady of my heart? Only one among billions was born perfect. I don't make love with anyone else, I'm not even tempted. You are my only seduction for a lifetime. I meant to tell you, it is not what it seems. You need know more, from myself. I have things to tell you. I am not easy to be wrenched up, I don't loose my mind. I have to tell you of thing aside from our story. Actually ugly ppl coming neither tempt nor annoy me. I'm lead by my own things, you have to know all. I won't hide anything from you. Nothing too special, but these are traits fro my story. How can we talk? *** My dear one. Look it up plz,4now.
There are ladies comparatively beautiful, at my angle of viewing. Good and special at loox. But I crave to be only with one. I belong to one, and she touches my feelings. She can not bother of anything. I am dependable at her reactions and emotions of me. All day long, and then, anew. I love her so much that other ppl will envy how it goes. There is somthing innate and natural about what we feel. I can't give up the idea of her ever. She owns my inner world. I will do with simplistic wording and phrasing, when it comes to feeling, profound and one of grownups. I am not a kid under the wing of elder ones, I am by myself, and I daily repeat my choice. I know only one person who embody my taste and my fantasies. By Anna.

Anna Polibina-Polansky 21 January 2021

The genre is a white verse. The tonality is rather Arabian, it corresponds to my anscestry and linguistic rootage. I was born in the East and later on acquired a shade of the tongue in an Arabian country.

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Clyde King 21 January 2021

Beautifully written, metaphorical, emotional, and authentic in Russian diction. It's a prose poem, right? That's the form in English.

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