Little Me Poem by Anna Polibina-Polansky

Little Me

Don't think I follow anything wrong. No way. If you leave me, then I will be choosing someone. If you leave me only. Keep in mind I am yet clean and don't follow their strategies. I was only toying with virtual acquaintances and have never gone any further as that. Never. You are to enforce me and you are to stop me. I am pure, keep it in mind. Little me.
I look up at ladies. I wonder if it's okay for our relationship. I wonder of many things that you keep unanwered. I am sorry to spend time away from your attention. It's not abnormal that I am wondering. I fear for our future, if I hesitate at the beginning. I am yet clean, but I can't help wondering. I didnit say, I keep interested at other ladies. As I don't. Or maybe so. It would be worse if I admit. I blame myself for all. But you linger and so. You do. Just don't be interested why. What can I say? It's like atomic bombs at each step. What can last beyond? Love checks up things. Last night I was told by one wise man love takes things under control. Not exactly. It affirms and negates all things that are of impact to us. I have experinced love from a very early age, but there exist civilizations on the earth that keep people answering for it. Yes, such spaces exist.

I wonder if you follow me. You needn't be influenced by any, it keeps you irritated, don't you see? Don't hear to anyone, don't even talk to anyone, we two don't need that talking with others. I was looking for who might have been connected to you somehow, and decided it was stupid. Don't share your thoughts and requests with anyone except for Jesus. Humans deviate our creed. Take notes (you needn't keep a literary diary, just notice true things of yourself, not after your lyric character) . It's no good to do literature that much. You needn't be hypocritical to me. I am ever your way and for you. I am at your musical tonality, if anything bothers you, I will take full revenge. I am keeping myself, for you. Keeping yet, quite clean (in reality and morally) . If you mean to fight all my minor links, you need to be with me, at this. Your are my stimulus and my motive (raison d'etre, in French) . You have to accompany me, my sweet. You needn't give up the idea of my purity. Pray for it when UR alone, and you'll keep our very special bond. I fight for our liason, especially within myself. I'd prefer to stay faithful, I need purity for myself.

I am dependable of you. It is as if when I come to an art exhibition at the park estate nearby me instead of visiting a supermarket or a beauty parlor or a German cafe. Do you mean me to leave this megapolis? I am up to, for you. But to we know each other enough? In bed, perhaps. No?

***** Don't mind, my darling. We will be oversleeping, and I will keep you happy. Don't miss any of my hugs, they are meant for you. When I am not asleep, I have you, don't you mention? I have you at your personal disguises, and I demand noone else. Keep me pure, for yourself. Mind your own aims. Not even mine. I can't stand it for long, I'll get broken.

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