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Eating Honey

A cold extraction
from the sacred geometry of the combs,
my tongue released
into the essence of destinations, arrivals,
and a process bellowed smoke reveals


This pliable, light-keeping amber stem,
fleshed with sea leather
and a hollow, reef-tapping cup

The Searoad

Where are they going? Where waterspouts lower their silver
taproots into the vanishing point of a Tasman searoad,
read the ocean's internal workings by what happens
on the surface, in ulcerous light, in the wake of a longliner:

The Wandering Albatross

It's as though the Continental Shelf
with its east-facing rifts and cliffs were visible;
as though the full-bodied waves that blow over it,

Wind Sheer

And now the storm is inside.

He holds himself,
in the manner of a man unsure of his body
and what it can do, under pressure.

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Shirley 21 April 2018

A Google search shows your site attributing poems to Anthony Lawrence that were, in fact, written by D.H. Lawrence. Please correct this error, thank you.

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Anthony Lawrence was born in 1957 in Tamworth, in rural New South Wales. He has worked as a stockman, fisherman, truck driver and teacher of English and Drama. He has lived in Western Australia as well as NSW, and now lives in Hobart in Tasmania.

Lawrence has published five individual collections of poetry, Dreaming in Stone (1989), Three Days o ...

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