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I am that I am
A face that bears thousand tongue
Proud mother hen, shielding millions of tribes
Grand architect of billions of towering strides

Of deprived privileges did I grow
Living on mama's little nest of unending milk
The tears were drawn as winter drew snow
Tender was her love and all in its ilk

How I got here I know not
In my childhood poetry I knew not
Like I have been possessed
With the spirit of poetry have I been accessed

I am the flesh that barricades the wild spirit of nature
From hills and huts, of ancestors to continue a lineage
I belong to the soils, a master piece, the gods' very own measure
I speak to the trees, aware of the spirits, mine is a divine linkage.

Days without you are like years without rain,

like waters without depth,

I have carried this lump of expectations
From inclination and birth
In accordance of lineage
Since bats knew not where they belong

I had watched my hands of this madness,
But the colors of your wings trace my every step,
From thousand miles away,
Keeping me awake,

The tune of the song stays same
But we chose to change the dance
Ignoring consequences in the windows of shame
Leaving no actions to the hands of chance

I must be a time traveler lost in the present
I feel out of place in this generation
The music will kill Mozart the second time
The tempo is too fast



Civility is having it's last rites
With the aide of the savage media


What cause have you given me celebrate?

By Anugo J Edoka

The chaos of a sea spitting its fishes into the desert

Suddenly at cross roads
In the middle of a limbo
At the tail end of false hopes
Failed plunge, postponed leap


Am the one

Of spirits, of souls are we
Of the divine to encapsulate the least
From realms mortal eyes may never see
Fleshly hinged on the existence of an abrupt midst

I am convinced by the winds tonight
I can exhale the breeze of freedom
Like a bird surfing the skies in delight
I am now aware I exist in this kingdom

I believed i was a citizen of the world
but one blue Sunday eve
I was asked where i came from
I would answer right away

Incessant flow of corruption
Marginalization of the minority
Tentacles of a spoiled federalism
Signs of incipient unrest

Anugo J. Edoka Biography

an idealist, social activist, whose childhood was marred by societal chaos and disorderliness, especially in the streets of onitsha, witnessing the brutal and fetish bakassi boys who severed armed robbers's heads alongside other body parts before setting them ablaze in a proud showiness, lost his mother while 13 and had to grow up under his kind step mother together with his younger brother studied theatre arts in the university of Port Harcourt Nigeria, first son of a polygamous family of three, draws, paints and have written two yet to be published THE BUTTERFLY and ONCE UPON A LIFE, books among others short stories and plays, Edoka is a writer who reflects the strength of his African heritage and struggle for an equal, equitable and better Nigeria through his works.)

The Best Poem Of Anugo J. Edoka

The Autobiography Of A Great Nation

I am that I am
A face that bears thousand tongue
Proud mother hen, shielding millions of tribes
Grand architect of billions of towering strides
I am a model, the very inspiration behind great songs

I am a people of a people
United in the midst of a staggering fate
Embracing peace like the sun doth the earth
I dream of tomorrow after yesterday's death
Never shall I let war again through my colourful gate

I am a land in a land
Yielding grains for all that march on me
Plains upon which strong characters are found
A lactating mother whose flow of milk knows no bound
The very soil that bears all that is to be

I am a country, a nation
Sprung from history, of times precarious and hard
But I am of faith, of hope in these hopeless times
Patient and praying I do not dance off this lines
For my strength is in my populace, weapon nobody ever had.

I am Nigeria, the famous green and white
Adorning the zeal of the Hausa
Coated with the elegance of the Yoruba
And crowned with the wealthy pride of the Igbo
I am greater than I am perceived
Beautiful than I am painted
Bigger than I look
I am the heart of a continent
The very soul of Africa
Fulfilled mother of proud sons
And thousands of years to come, I will still be here


Anugo J. Edoka Comments

Bimbo kc 30 April 2018

One Of The best thinkers I have come across, he always sees things differently

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JAY YOUNGZEE 27 April 2018


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Benson okeke 10 September 2020

The world will listen to this towering voice, am sure

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uju osai 09 September 2020

i have seen his talents since he was 18, the truth is he always sees things out of nothing

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black sails 09 September 2020

thoughtful writer, Anugo......not many modern poets dive into reality with utmost ease like he does

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Kendo 21 January 2021

Poets aren't naturally radical people but Anugo is one to the core, a true liberal thinker

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anulika 10 October 2020

wow this wonderful to know, i love am African more because it kinda defines my existence

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Linda 20 September 2020

Mind blowing poems. Keep it up

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Chinedu 20 September 2020

It’s strange when someone ask, Who is your true friend without mask! If you will ask me, This is all I will say with a glee! D one with whom ve survived all ur mysteries! D one with whom u share everything, D one whom u abuse d fullest, D one who understands you, D one who trusts you. True friends are really hard to come by, when you have them keep them close to your heart.

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kuno mbaki 19 September 2020

Edoka is my social media friend..he never mentioned poetry until i saw a link to his page, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , man is an African poetry legend

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Anugo J. Edoka Quotes

knowledge is a puzzle one must solve with his subconscious, the more he gets, the more he is reserved

the world before us is a closed place which one can approach with an open mind, with open minds, there are countless opportunities

there is no yard stick to measure what a human can do as a male or cant do as a female, we are all driven by this insatiable desire to satisfy immediate passion, its safe to say that we are dubiously unpredictable as human beings.

those who lack the ability to forgive, lack the ability to love

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Anugo J. Edoka Popularity

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