My heart is as restless as the sea.
Underwater earthquake-tsunami, rupture inside me.
What can I do to stop my heart from beating so rapidly?

Life is like one day
It comes around for not very long then fades away.
What can you accomplish?
What can be done in just one day?

Much of my heartbeat
Is the imitation of what I felt in your heart
When you hugged me tightly.

Lost in a world of my own
Trapped in a body that feels foreign, I have no control.
Emotions are ripping me apart
Battered and bruised inside yet smiles on the outside.

Not because I did not text you
It means I did not want too.
Not because I did not call you
It means I have not been thinking about you.

There is a break up.
I am in the middle of it.
The two just can't come together.
I am not sure there can be a mending of it.

I remember when you steered into my eyes,
I remember when you kissed me,
I remember the first touch from your hands,
I remember when you first said you loved me.

All may desire complete comfort,
But today that is sought of impossible.
Then again we can have that satisfaction from what?
In today's world,

Life is about falling, picking yourself up
Putting the pieces together and continuing.
Life is about bouncing your head
Once, twice but never trice.

Poetry is me.
I write about the struggles in life
and all my calamities.
The obstacles beset by and all of life's anxieties.

As lava red sunsets scorch the horizon
So too this feeling scorches my soul.
The laser beams that rip through the sky
To create an unfathomable, unforgettable picturesque view,

Can you hear me?

Souls! ! They are not mine
But I wish I can take them away
Take them away,
Because they take the life of my family

Perfectly trained to be a lady,
With all the philosophies past down from my grandmother to me through my mother.
The belief that a lady must be seen and not heard,
Walk with her chin parallel to the ground and her back erect.

Have you ever found true love,
In a place where romance does not exist?
Where you are hugged,
Without it meaning I just want to touch you?

You are what make the clouds drift,
Yet I can't see you.
Good deeds, bad deeds you are,
Yet I can't see you.

Sometimes I wish I was a little more than human.

I wish I can take your pain away.
I wish I could have offered protection

They say love never fails
But are we failing at love?

Last year when I saw you

Dear mummy,
I remember when you neglected me, when I told you the man you now live with touched me inappropriately. I felt so unclean, so violated and indecent. The mistake I made was I thought I could have run to you for help.

Dear mummy,

I am sitting on the toilet seat,
My mind takes me to a place,
Somewhere I like to be but...
Also somewhere I hate.


On the very first day of August in the year 1990, a child was born to the parents of Lennox and Daphne Garcia in a small town in Trinidad-Siparia. Apphia Garcia is the second of three children. She started writing poetry only when in distress simply to state how she felt at the time but will destroy them almost immediately, for she thought it the best way to say good bye to to pain being felt inside. However, she was encouraged by friends who were mysteriously informed about her poetry, to continue writing but start saving the pieces. This she did and hopes one day to become as great as the poets she admire like Lawrence.S. Pertiller and Maya Angelo. It is her dream that one day she will progress from delivering her poems in small private gatherings, to becoming a renowned poet.)


Restless Love

My heart is as restless as the sea.
Underwater earthquake-tsunami, rupture inside me.
What can I do to stop my heart from beating so rapidly?

Oh! The anxiety you've caused me.
My heart races and yet my heart stops.
Ironically, no heartbeat means I am happy.
That's how powerfully your love affects me.
A believer in love was never me,
But a sucker for love is what you've made me.

I reminisce every night.
The last day we hung out,
How you touched me,
Steered in my eyes,
I saw love.
I still hear the first words from your mouth,
I still see that smile,
Still remember, our first day out.

I felt something left me.
I think your touch makes my soul flies,
Your lips against mine makes me high.
You must have drugged me with you love
You must have swept me off the ground
You must have brought out the best in me
Because now I believe in love.

My heart is as restless as the sea.
Underwater earthquake-tsunami,
Rupture inside me.
What can I do?
What can I do?
To stop my heart from beating so rapidly?


Mark Anthony St. Rose 24 November 2011

its nice to connect with you. keep writing. writng though can be a lonely affair. keep in touch.

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