Magic Mushrooms Poem by Aram Stefanian

Magic Mushrooms

Rating: 4.5

You said, ''Let's go eat magic mushrooms
Life's no more exciting, and the visions are''
They were delicious but at first didn't ring the bell
And then we went to ride on the roller coaster

I felt like a bird soaring up in the heaven
And people seemed to me like freaks and monsters
They wanted to shoot me down just for fun
I wished I could migrate to the South and build my nest

Instead I fell down, down in a blackout
Though I could feel you giving me a good shake
You hit me in the face, and your mouth touched mine
Unless you raped me, I wouldn't get my breath back

Sylvia Frances Chan 14 August 2018

Good poem as a result wandering in the World of Magic Mushrooms. To me still an eerie experience, I reckon....Some people think they are a beetle, and others think they are flying high....So not everyone has the same magical world, each person a different experience, but what similar is that flying high and fast like on the roller coaster. A fantastic poem where reality is intertwined in the addictive atmosphere. Thank you for sharing.

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Enemacles Redux 10 August 2005

This is quality! Very descriptive, paints a great picture!

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Aram Stefanian

Aram Stefanian

Yerevan, Armenia
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