Aram Stefanian

Rookie - 0 Points (20 Nov.1950 / Yerevan, Armenia)

Aram Stefanian Poems

1. A Sucker's Life 12/10/2005
2. Natch Trip 12/10/2005
3. Unseen Enemy 12/29/2004
4. Progeny Of Royal Blood (From Book Rebel Angels And Alien Demons) 6/29/2005
5. She Hates (From Book Untitled) 2/12/2005
6. Cafe Of Lovers (From Book Untitled) 2/12/2005
7. Padded Cell 3/20/2005
8. Battle Cry 11/26/2005
9. Castle Of Spirits 11/26/2005
10. To My Angel 11/26/2005
11. Alien Or Angel? 11/29/2005
12. Meadow (From Book Untitled) 2/12/2005
13. New Breed 2/12/2005
14. In The Dead Of The Night 12/4/2005
15. Flyboy 12/4/2005
16. Orpheus (From Book Rebel Angels And Alien Demons) 7/16/2005
17. Sleepwalking 10/25/2005
18. Milquetoast 10/25/2005
19. Els 10/1/2005
20. If I... 10/14/2005
21. Nwo 10/18/2005
22. Mirror Of Time 10/21/2005
23. My Rights 10/21/2005
24. Speck Of Light 10/22/2005
25. Cop A Plea 9/6/2005
26. Heavy Meal 4/2/2005
27. You Say 12/31/2004
28. Under Your Skin 2/12/2005
29. King 4/26/2005
30. Foresight 3/25/2006
31. Game Plan 4/4/2006
32. Between You, Me, And The Bedpost 4/8/2006
33. Appetite For Destruction 4/10/2006
34. Toy Plane 4/11/2006
35. Sunday, The 15th 5/23/2006
36. Spawn 6/10/2006
37. The Seraphs 6/23/2006
38. Total Recall 7/1/2006
39. Stargate 9/9/2006
40. Closer 10/11/2006
Best Poem of Aram Stefanian

Angels And Demons (To Kurt Cobain) From Book: Angeles Rebeldes Y Demonios Extranjeros

I wonder what compelled you to take the Dutch act?
An O.D. on number three, thirteen or eight?
A suicidal soul gets no access to heaven, yet it's intact.
How come you really blew it by the kiss of death?
Even if sound travels slower than light,
Music can deeply penetrate into the galaxy.
SMELLS LIKE TEEN SPIRIT will put down the eternal night.
What kind of jury found us guilty of heterodoxy?
I don't subscribe to the view that demons write a tune:
They're knee-deep in own humdrum infernal chores.
It's only angels who are to misery and pain immune
Stand ...

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A Sucker's Life

We were dead-end kids in the City of God,
We had enough street smarts to mug and kill.
And when the walking wounded were choking on blood,
We took our time to pick up our heaters and chill.
We needed more C to get over the cocaine blues,
We heisted the street pushers and took dinero and grass,
We formed our juvie gang of junk pushers, but were bad news,
The pigs busted many of us and nailed to a cross.
We fired up, and then set fire to the pig heaven,

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