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I miss the lower school,
where you and I could just stay friends,
with no repercussions,
cause you and I were just kids then,

The shower,
of light
my mind devours
Everyday of the week.

Soft brown hair,
silky sweet words,
golden eyes, filled with glow,
you never cared,

This feeling of worth,
of trust,
what is it?

They say we can not be together
and that somethings aren't meant to be
but what about you and me?
What if we are meant to be?

Every time I'm with you,
It's like I'm on a high.
My heart beats fast, my head spins,
And I can't help but sigh.

Trauma can shatter a heart in two
Leaving scars that may never heal through
Like a storm that wrecks a peaceful shore
It can leave us bewildered, lost and sore

If you can't handle a heart like mine,
I don't want you to waste your time with me,
I don't want to hold on, waiting for you to be my first time, make me not want to die,
can we just be honest?

Life without you,
holding me back,
from making decisions,
from holding you too close.

all I can hear,
around me,

Hiding from you,
not wanting you to love me,
for fear of hurting you,
so I hold back,

Waiting for the truth to come to light,
like my mother used to say.
The light,

I never wanted the movie love,
never wanted the 'high school sweethearts',
I never wanted casual, or even one night stands,
I wanted what was true.

roses wither, love decays,
in shadows deep, our hearts ablaze,
a dance of passion, twisted and true,
in darkness, my love, I'll find you.

in the depths of night, where shadows creep,
a love was born, forbidden and deep.
their hearts entwined, a twisted affair,
bound by darkness, they found solace there.

Holding onto you
Making me feel so blue
Wishing you could feel it too
Tears would flow

My heart racing as I stare into your brown eyes
Gasping for breathes as I drown and delve deeper down
My friends keep telling me you're not really a keeper
Climbing these walls of love and it keeps getting steeper and steeper

I didn't go there looking for you. I went looking for me.
But now, here you are, and somehow, in finding you, I think I've found myself.
It took a while to finally realize that you had helped me find myself.
Wishing I could give you my eyes just so you could see.

I want to be your one and only
The one you want me to be
To make you feel the way that I do inside
Your smile so beautiful to me


A dire conversation
It makes me tired
I take control of myself
It could either make or break me

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Hello I'm Ash Desrocher i'm a 14-year-old teenager who enjoys travelling, drawing and writing. i'm friendly and creative, but can also be very anxious and a bit energetic. i'm currently in school. I have a severe phobia of spiders I live in a middle class neighborhood. My parents and I don't have the best relationship but l try my best to love them. My best friend is probably Logan, Robert, Cody, or probably Nihu. We are practically inseparable. I also hang around with Mike and Lucca as well as Jazzy and Connor. I have horrible anxiety (separation, OCD, etc) along with depression and ADHD, most of my writing is based around either my struggles with this kind of stuff, addictions, and or romance.)

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Four Sacred Words

I miss the lower school,
where you and I could just stay friends,
with no repercussions,
cause you and I were just kids then,
who didn't know how to act.

Now we're teenagers,
going into high school,
we have different tastes in music,
but we both like one another,
but god stands between us,
pushing us apart,
religion is the most important thing to you,
I never quite understood,
how a god could mean so much to you.

I never understood why when I said 'I love you'...
you couldn't respond back with four simple words,
that I wished to hear,
I wished you could use the intelligence that you were born with,
that I admired,
to see,
that all I really needed most,
was to hear,
or simply feel,
those four sacred words.

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treat each day like a lifetime, for it could pass you by just as easily as it came to be.

don't worry, if you don't kill yourself, the world will do it for you.

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