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Sorrows are the salts of life,
If you know how to taste.
Memories are gift of time,
If you can treasure it best.

Let me break into thousand pieces
turn into the dust I was formed
mingle with rain and earth
and dissolve into nothingness.

People say-life moves on so
look forward.
Never hold on to old grudges
forget the past.

I craved to reach to her
She raised a wall
Of differences and inequalities
By far.

She, a princess, dreams a prince;
And awaits his arrival who
rides on winds.
A prince whose father is Sun

I have only one friend in life-death,
He lies beside me in my bed.
Faithful till the end,
Till the day of judgement.

I would rather forgive everything
That people have done to me.
Forgiveness makes a mind tranquil
And brings serenity.

God tests those
Whom He loves most
Fills their buckets
With sorrows

আমি নদীর এক ভাসমান কচুরিপানা
সারাজীবন ভেসেই চলেছি, কখনো
যন্ত্রমানবের আঘাতে ক্ষতবিক্ষত হয়েছি
তবু কোত্থাও আমার ঠাঁই মিললো না৷

I have Seas in my Eyes
Dark deep and mysterious
Salty and sulphurous
When it waves and flows

I shall, one day, stand before you
And show you my love.
When the Winter comes to an end,
When the Sun burns lucent,

Your life a candlestick
Set alight the moment
You were born.
Let's measure and see

Wake her not
She sleeps in her dreams
She lives in her sleep.

আমায় তোমরা বলো, 'ভাবনা কিসের এতো?
হাসো, খেলো ইচ্ছে যতো
জীবনটা যে বকুল ফুলের মতো!
শিশির মেখে পড়বে ঝরে

O you! the peace lovers
Don't bother
Counting the number
For, the Palestinian mothers

Too little and fragile in form
To stomach the bullets and bombs.
Too young to fathom
Born to a Palestinian womb

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Of Sorrows And Mercy

Sorrows are the salts of life,
If you know how to taste.
Memories are gift of time,
If you can treasure it best.
Tears are the mercy of God,
for a Heart, kind and chaste.

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silence and success are the best answers to all criticism.

People hardly marry their love, they marry success.

I wonder why people crave to be remembered after death when they have peace and privacy in oblivion.

If you need to go back to your past then go back to the best part of it.

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