Ashley Stone

Ashley Stone Poems

1. Death 6/27/2007
2. Anticipation 7/23/2007
3. A Touch 7/23/2007
4. Everyone Else (Mean Nothing To Me) 12/17/2007
5. What You Did 12/17/2007
6. I Can'T Stop It 1/31/2008
7. Feelings 4/27/2008
8. A Look 4/27/2008
9. Thanks Father 3/11/2009
10. Only She Could See It 3/24/2009
11. Suicidal Mishap 4/18/2009
12. Just Another Day..... 5/5/2009
13. Broken 5/18/2009
14. Drive-By Love 7/11/2009
15. Puppet Or Puppeteer 8/14/2009
16. Actions Not Words 9/13/2009
17. Old Soul 5/7/2009
18. Family? 8/9/2007
19. That First Sip 2/20/2010
20. His Thoughts 5/4/2010
21. Poor Naive Little Girl 8/14/2009
22. Speak 5/5/2009
23. A Prison Of My Own Making 5/27/2009
24. I Could Feel Him 7/3/2009
25. A Cold...... 3/24/2009
26. Symptoms Of Wandering Child Syndrome 3/24/2009
27. The Way Things Are 8/13/2007
28. It's My Life 6/27/2007
29. Betrayl 1 5/29/2007
30. Dear 'Dad' 3/11/2009
31. Love Left A Long Time Ago 5/27/2009
32. My Secret Pain 11/8/2007
33. Life 6/27/2007
34. Anger? 11/8/2007

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  • Jane Meyer (6/10/2009 6:16:00 PM)

    You are an amazing poet and I'm sorry about the situations you went through. I read all of your poems and I liked them all! Sorry I didn't comment on all of them, but I would have just been repeating your excellance. Please send me a message if you write more poems! I can't wait to read them!

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Best Poem of Ashley Stone


Inexplainable is her mood
Undescribable is her mood
No smile, no frown
Never up and never down

She's merely a body taking up space
Sucking in air, never changing her face
Starring in plain dismay

Whenever you look upon her face
Anger is what you think
She doesn't smile and she doesn't shout
She simply stares filled with doubt

Questions run through her mind
Am I happy or am I mad?
Anger is what she should feel
After all she's been through

She's just here

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Tapping, tapping the sounds I hear around me as I wait to be informed
As my mind begins to wander, as sweat drips onto the floor of the tiny crawlspace.
I sit to await my destiny

Whether it is life or death I do not know, but the walls are beginning to close in on me.
Chuckling from behind me
I think, 'have they spotted me? '

Or am I still left unseen

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