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Inexplainable is her mood
Undescribable is her mood
No smile, no frown
Never up and never down

My Secret Pain

If you look at me you see average
Look into my eyes,
You see nothing wrong.
If you could look deep inside you'd see the real me


Dogs fight
Cats fight
It's their way of life
But I fight with my life.

Betrayl 1

I thought he was nice
I thought i was right
To believe every word he said to me that night
Little did i know the thoughts in his mind

Dear 'Dad'

Couldn't you see what you were doing
All the pain you were causing
Not just for her but for all of us
How many times did we cry ourselves to sleep

Ashley Stone Comments

You are an amazing poet and I'm sorry about the situations you went through. I read all of your poems and I liked them all! Sorry I didn't comment on all of them, but I would have just been repeating your excellance. Please send me a message if you write more poems! I can't wait to read them!

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