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These threads pull together
These threads weave together your existence
Your dependence
And as we look to the sky

I feel stuck in this place
Drenched with things I shouldn’t lack
Can’t recognize the face
Nothing is what it should have been

Metonymy, a novel thing
Free from vulnerability
True impressions can’t be seen
But you still say what you want

Sorry to interupt you
But I feel there's something you should know
you see in the breathe of the breeze and the dance of the leaves, there's a song that you can't hear
And that the wind when it runs, it's as old as the sun

I need to know that I will become lost somewhere
Autumn leaves beckon the beguiling smiles of the sun
Just to abandon the rites of the seasons
When their turn has yet to come

So now I’ve come to find that nothing lasts forever
I’ll just stick around till I find something better
Understand that happiness is ephemeral
There’s nothing to attain

You’re sitting on the window sill
Yellow paint peeling from it’s corners
And you’re ashing your cigarette in a coffee cup with a blue rim and small brown dots

Your life on a sketching pad
Symbolism smudged into crooked lines
Your heart in a notebook
Words left to be defined

I am the portrait of a separate fire
Those amber waves of grain suspended
Where sea's shells know no end
Leaving little to be sustained

Words can swarm and leave the children dry
The temperature's sleeve is an ancient goodbye
The clock's blinking backwards reflecting her crimes
Because the weight of a soldier kneeled into time

I have my pictures of you, you don't look back at me
A smile I'd almost forgotten, bruises I don't see
Never forgive you for a sky turned from gray to black
Come out and kiss me, darling

I've always marveled why it was always easier to pull someone down instead of pulling them up

I suppose I've always resented these inherent little tendencies we have
Like the dulling gnaw of contrition

All the loose leaves spread their roots
into the same vein of hope
mirroring the freckles of your skin
Crumbs of what was left for now

It seems that words could never show the things you ought to know
I guess I’m not the only one with eyes for you, but I’m the one that’s left alone.
Because her eraser’s still there. Mine was used a long time ago.
So now I’m writing you down in ink, I know it’s worth the risk

Salty tears welled up in my thirsty blue telescopes,
but they did not give in to the air’s temptations
I hid myself from a near explosion
The blackened circles met as a quartet of trumpets scream dirty jazz rhythm

The morning came and dressed the sky in a lovely yellow gown
A pounding head accompanied twisting fickle bowels
And as I slip into composure I paste a poignant frown
On a tired countenance

You are my sweetest downfall
Wash these words in the morning light
To pound this styrofoam insect sight
These obligations pull the noose so tight

Tell me about your love affairs
Tell me about your moral resignation
I want to hear all the lurid details

How sad to think that you've burrowed through scars
Learning to dilate hope with a hand through your hair for so many years
Because it's the ones with the sorest throats
that have seen the other side of the ground

I need to know that there will be a reasonable end as to why I feel as lonely as I do. As I am.

I need to hope that there is a reasonable chance that one will fulfill a pursuit towards me, or atleast spare a passing glance.

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I'm not really much of anyone when it comes to anything. I'm a distgusting American and I love fast food and contractions. I write because it's one of the only things left that seems real to me because it doesn't have to be real... the beauty of fiction.)

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These threads pull together
These threads weave together your existence
Your dependence
And as we look to the sky
We live
And as we hide
Cut the rope that he’s tied

I’m bound by the tension that we’ve placed between us
This silence is simple
We look at our hands
Weather by scorn
And bruised by demand
As we lift these heavy expectations

We breathe for the threads that hold us together
We breathe for the stitches that hold us in place

These threads pull together
These threads weave together
And once we’ve forgotten
These threads will unravel…

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