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Thou flourish in beauty
Thus vast in prettiness like paradise
Colourful as rainbow brilliant like sun's face.
Thus an illusion to doubt facts of your fortune

Time your journey,
Since earliest existance it has began so long...
Nougth have i seen to worth a quarter far as the distance you journey.


Time the slayer of yesterday
'N' today you'll spend the day till it'll exust to fade
Strictly ye prohibit procastination and provide no ear to pleas...
Time the mercy of every seconds you spear not

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Let me start magical! ! ! About me rhymically... #...MY NAMED NAME# 'My name is named- with atires not nacked It's meaning is it cloth warmly aroud me, Like coco-nut with shell Its hard to mal-call It dignity. It's calling... And am all cought attentioned harmoniously And mindly captured. Wondrously faithful, 'ive' never failed to answer it ring or roll. Since iwas christen my two on head-hanged antenas Are always stimulated stainlessly whenever a voice loudly and sillently sound *BARNABAS*! ! !)

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Fruitfulpiece Of Love

Gracefully from the garden
Of ecstasy in divine,
I plug't
From the fruitful stem
Of God.

It test caring
and i share
With you...

Its the word
Of the greatest one
Of the high golden city
Supreme in splendours
Full of love to brim...

With heartfulness...
I pray this word's
Be plant richly
In the precious piece
Of your gracious

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barnabas michael barde Popularity

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