Time Poem by barnabas michael barde


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Time the slayer of yesterday
'N' today you'll spend the day till it'll exust to fade
Strictly ye prohibit procastination and provide no ear to pleas...
Time the mercy of every seconds you spear not
A no twaddle entertainer of the sluggard.

Time ye awaite for no one
Not e'en the sleeping clock
Slowpoisonously your door close for eternity
Against past misfortunes
'N' open's only for the present
As the future awaite's your smarmy silent aproach
Your legs run's in no return

All the moment you go tic tic 'n' gone forward ever

Time, your same terrible trait of nature
Give's life it content
For without it life forward and backward not

Oh time the oldest as nature drow us not to weak days
Yet aprove our wish to living younger as you clock daily to your ceaseless destiny.

Saturday, March 15, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: Nature
Edward Kofi Louis 03 June 2016

Time waits for no one! So, let us use time wisely. Nice work.

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Unwritten Soul 26 March 2014

Time is ageless nature, it preserves life and history and reveal future with new story...we are in it in one of its chapter_Soul

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Sallam Yassin 18 March 2014

time in all nature is master yes his joy he gives in same he takes in sore the light dim in 2 face 1 act of time /thinks to share

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