The Early Journey Of Time Poem by barnabas michael barde

The Early Journey Of Time

Time your journey,
Since earliest existance it has began so long...
Nougth have i seen to worth a quarter far as the distance you journey.

Here some series of worth journey;
Marathon longest with difficulty
Lo! We won it end with endurance
Voyage a long way marchants journey in space 'n' wind tempting ships
Yet embark overseas, cameback loaded from the edge.

But how mysterious your journey
Your road our naked eyes can'nt see
Nei'er to atempt through your lain
Even if Gracefully able to see
How can we meet up with you in speed
Here dismayal engolf effort
But shall we say our life is your way 'n' lain...?
You journey through to make us grow 'n' distinguish in body, mind 'n' thoughts?

My sentiment to say;
Your journey is beyond mortal phenomenon
It a journey with elegant footsteps walking far beyond the the horizon into the spirit realm
Were you decide the arival of the great day light 'n' the moon to light the night.

To reality your impetus drives life to constant changes
Every progress to change older 'n' comprehend to it momentum.
Here from our blind understanding
We study speed 'n' distance 'n' sum up the solution of time to all vain
at this platform we know only death will disclose to us time's conclution
Yeah... When we close eyes 'n' slumber breathless forever
'N' open awake in immortality
The realm at which time will tell us it very mystrey;
It has just began forever to our deadless permanent destiny
Whether in eternal hellish agony or heavenly ecstasy 'n' eternal rest from the early journey of time...

My sentiment on this penned down work, is personal, it has been a question an awareness that wonders my thought, but in close succes to my perception towards the early journey of life i realise that our life on earth is just the early stage of time in our life, but the real life is in the realm of the spirit were our question is answered crystal clear; that death is the destination of the early life before we cross to the real life in the realm of immortality. Your intrest my joy...Thanks!
Godfrey Lesego Tsiu 12 June 2014

Well-written indeed May u continue with the great work! !

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Bernard Snyder 13 March 2014

I find this poem intriguing and well-written all at once. Keep up the good work, Michael! !

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