The Fortunes Of Flowers Poem by barnabas michael barde

The Fortunes Of Flowers

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Thou flourish in beauty
Thus vast in prettiness like paradise
Colourful as rainbow brilliant like sun's face.
Thus an illusion to doubt facts of your fortune
I visit you often, last visitation was keen amazement to my satisfaction, hand cut ye attribute and derieved fun in fair act to a friend.
Calm and captivating your fregrance comforting with pleasure, nice to sense.
In anxiety your awareness came dearest solace to me
I can make joy as soon at your sight.
My desire i travel to your world
A garden with so a golden value thus your abode
Irresistible that butterflies source you an abode
But remember to make joy time-wise to hearts of all who are facinate by your beauty.
Oh! Flower satisfy my optic desire with in.sight
Oh! Flower sing!
Oh! Flower dance!
Oh! Flower decorate my domestic
Oh! Flower be my love one's admirable gift
Oh! Flower establish your self a home to smile evergreen
Thenceforth i can walk in and out and wave a goodbye at day down.

As one who aspire to reach out to my world with nature and reality among my sort of poems, i centre my soul aim to achieve poem in an exuberant way, therefore, to drag pen and lines on the title 'fortunes of flowers', i had to take a quality good gaze and to exermine the engagement in the garden, and seing how flowers flourish with beauty, with butterflies all around flying with cute colours, and there i got pregnant with ideas and gave birth to a polite and pleasuring poem. Your intrest my joy!
Amitava Sur 13 March 2014

Wise and noble wishes were expressed in your penning..... enjoyed it

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Tanya Gupta 10 March 2014

very conscious sentiments penned down...........keep writing and please come to my page and read my poems and leave your comments

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John Rickell 09 March 2014

attractive sentiments thankyou

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Miroslava Odalovic 07 March 2014

Congratulations on your first published poem :) this was a lovely bunch.

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