B A Poet Paints A Thousand Words Poem by Barry A. Lanier

B A Poet Paints A Thousand Words

Rating: 4.9

Over mountains and valleys
Soaring the skies in view
Random truths and wisdom
Coming only in soltitude

Painting pictures at night
While sleeping on his heart
Arising only on impulse
Fancing a fresh new start

Taking all our sorrows
And rhyming it away
Etching out our memories
As they fade away

Painting refreshing springs
From where souls can drink
Soothing lonely spirit's
With yet only his ink

From ordinary meanings
Yet with no pretense
Distilling the emotions
Making so much sense

Fragrant sights and scenes
Nature's blossoming vines
Painting vineyards of crimson
Where old memories reside

Drawing inspirations
From the silence of night
Soaring among eagles
Amid their endless flight

Painting as The Creator
Vivid sights and sounds
Yes He also a poet
Just look around

Marissa Rodgers 22 September 2012

Very nice poem! I love your imagery and rhyme.

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Cheryl Davis Miller 15 June 2009

Beautifully written, I could see His hand involved. Cheryl

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Surya . 07 June 2009

really beautifull imagery.fine poem posted10 surya

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Kesav Easwaran 22 May 2009

Yes; HE is a painter and poet both...the Divine Creator...sweet lines on Nature with nice thanks giving in the end, Barry...10

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