Becca Bell Poems

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The Crow And The Dove

Cry as a dove impacting the earth
In a cruel and demented flailing
As she tries to avoid the fall...
None the less, embracing the earth

I Didn'T Sign Up For This

This? This thing called love?
This was a challenge I was not up for.
I did not volunteer to go on this horrible journey.
I thought the unexpected coming of love was what made it beautiful

There's Loss And Confession In The Wind

To me, losing you would be my greatest loss
But you you, you've probably never been mine
You came into my life like a cool breeze
Everyone knows that you can't catch air

Art Is Poetry

Like the rain drops falling on a sunny day
Our creativity comes in bursts of whimsical nostalgia
With a new revelation springing forth into this first time conscious mind,
It is simple to take note, on all the wonders of art

Sweet Paranoia

This is not the full poem; I left some of it out to preserve my personal dignity.

In secrecy, we lie
I'm trembling;

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

I look in the mirror and see a girl,
Who is staring back at me.
I don't know who she is
But I know I've seen her before


It's like a terrible addiction
I can't get enough
A tidal wave of attention
It swept me up


Forget his name, forget his face,
Forget his kiss, and warm embrace
Forget the time you spent together
Remember now, he wasn't so clever


Tears streaming down my face
As I hang up the phone
Hiding sadness is what I do best
I say a mere goodbye with a very heavy heart


You tell me you love me
So why do I still cry in the cold?
You tell me I'm the only one
Who makes you feel the way you do