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I weep under the quilt
Alone in deep night
For you.

To eulogize I try not
Pangs of your deep thought
Shiver me, sprawl me
With feeling of sins

My Boudoir sigh in midnight
In darkness, I sing a dirge for you
Crawling on floor, on bed
Dejected, stinged all over body.

My wife

I could discover
Nothing in my wife

I thought
To disclose some of lines
Of your letters
Before somebody

This whole body, a shrine
Devoted to you.

I love, I worship

My mother is my home
I grow safe and sound within
He is the teacher, soldier & leader

ଆଜି ଏଇ ନିଝୁମ
ଝଡ ବରଷାର ରାତିଟାକୁ
ତୋ ବିଛାହୋଇଥିବା

My mind, a pampas
Lying, glaring towards the open sky
A babbling mountain stream
An angry fireball sometimes


I possess whatever virtues
Offered on your feet
Tearing my heart.
Emptying all my proprietary

I know
You won't​come
Still wait, dream
Your steps

Still, I think you deep, feel heavy
In the silent hours of post midnight
You spark in me sudden, setting fire
Not able to sleep, just lying, rolling,

My road lying
Zillion miles
Ending unknown
Mingled at distant horizon.

ଅଣ୍ଟି ମୋ ପୋଡିଯାଉଚି
ସାଉଁଟା ସ୍ମୁତିର ଜଳନ୍ତା ଅଗାଂର ନେଇ
ଜୀବନଟା ଲାଗେ ଭାରି
ଅମାନିଆ ବେଳ ଗଡିଯାଉଚି ଗୋ

If anytime
You recall me,
Run back
To that old tavern

My Expiry

I understand
You have stamped

Portal of my pain
Is your deep silence
In spite of surrendering​ my heart.
My man, so near but so far

Millions of thoughts​
As millions rain drops
Falling down the earth
Drops on my mind,

My first love
Nothing, but a first aid,
A warm relief
To an injury, a shock

The Best Poem Of Bichitra Anand

My Identity

I weep under the quilt
Alone in deep night
For you.

This is perhaps my identity.

Bichitra Anand Comments

Jolly S Lee 30 July 2018

So short, tell everything of one's deep love.Heart touching lines.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 27 August 2017

A new star rises on the eastern coast of Odisha..Keep writing dear poet. Your words seem to emanate from a depth. Thanks for entering our PH brotherhood. Subhas

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Prabhata Kumar Sahoo 31 May 2017

He is a soft poet, brief but powerful.

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Bichitra Anand Quotes

The Brooke of truth flows in a valley just down the hills of your eyes.

Two mobile sets in your pocket may not connect eachother if network is not there.Two neighbours may not connect eachother if heartwork is not there.

A man discovers nothing in his wife other than his own weaknesses.

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Bichitra Anand Popularity

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