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Poems grow like plants
irrespective of the land,
soil, or climate.
They grow in lands fertile


Art thou a winged thief?
As bards have called thee.
Or as called that great scientist,
An illusion.

I am clinging to my life
like the last
clings to the twig

Under the fierce sun,
the coal black road burns,
among honks and beeps
all parched and drenched

Long before I met you
your presence was felt
you were there to tease my dreams
in fancied memories of love

I cannot promise you only flowers
cause thorns are inescapable
I cannot promise you only light
cause dark is inevitable

Your memory touches my mind
like soft breeze
touches a lake
and makes ripples

Those that I killed
are buried under the surface.
The surface,
where I roll my boulder up

Thus, came you, into my life
early rays of morrow
into a dark night
brightening everything in sight.


I think of you
it makes me smile
others look at me
it makes them smile too

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Poems Grow Like Plants

Poems grow like plants
irrespective of the land,
soil, or climate.
They grow in lands fertile
on plains, on craggy steeps
they grow in deserts
even in swamps they grow,
and sprout through cracks in stones.
So, if you find a poem
thorny or wild
mossy or shrubby,
Oak high or grass low.
Don't blame the poet
He could not help
When seeds of thought,
with some drops of feelings
germinated into lines.

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Shaun Cronick 05 July 2019

You sir are so gifted.Incredible thought-provking beautifully crated poems and prose. They for me and shared for others to enjoy and then comptemplate over are a Godsend. Thank you Birbal.Thank you.

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Lawrence S. Pertillar 27 April 2019

Hello Birbal. So grateful I am to you and others, who take their time To read and, at times, critique my poetic submissions. Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Jagdish Singh Ramana 22 April 2018

Nice poems bai

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Birbal Singh Popularity

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