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I'm so sick, and tire,
Infected with where I live.
Let me live without this.
Just another relationship that doesn't work out.

A Mother's Love,

for her child, is something that can't be understood.

You don't know me.

I'm a person,

Dark love

Who are we to say we know
What LOVE is all about?

They say you'll always remember your first love...
I don't (Liar) .
Or maybe I just don't want to remember.
To relive the past

To be honesty, I not sorry.
Not sorry for anything!
Saying sorry, is a sign for weakness
Or sorry for being real.

You got a face like an angel.
Well it last forever,
I don't believe in fairytales.

I woke up in a dream today,
to a cold night in hell.
I watch how to the moon sits in the sky,
and how I stand in the dark alone.

Perfect didn't feel so perfect.
Because the fact is,
I'm Not perfect.
I was built to make mistakes.

When we first met, I feel like I've known you for eternity.

How can I walk away from you, my friend?

Day after day,

I lay in my bed, Thinking how my

I remember falling.
Falling from grace.
I can't help but let these
Tears fall.

He keeps on drinking, cause he lost everything.
Yeah he loved that liquor.
He said, his so sorry

She couldn't sleep that night.
Sitting on the edge of the building.

Looking down at the earth,

Sitting at the ocean alone,
You watch me so far away.
I feel ashamed to admit to my mistakes.
It feels like the first time that I've fallen behind.

Why do we have Wars?
All wars do is cause
pain, hurt, sadness and

~Dead love~

Do you have any idea of what you made me feel like?


Telling Dakota's story, about how all her bones are broken
And how her heart is shatter into pieces.
She is left with one day of comfort,
Only because she has suffer. For just one second, felt whole.


Look at all of the trees,

The scream of silence,

to let all the pain, fear, grief, and sadness inside.

Black Love Biography

Hi, my name is Jasmine.I'm 16 years old.I love to write poems.My favorite music/band are....... Linkin Park, Lostprophets, and many more.I like the color black and purple.)

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Inside Out

I'm so sick, and tire,
Infected with where I live.
Let me live without this.
Just another relationship that doesn't work out.
There's a knife in my back, with my friends name on them.
Trying to relax, but the pain keeps running.
I cant trust no one and covered in scars.
I Sit here locked inside my head,
Remembering everything you've said.
All your insults make me feel like I'm worthless.
Everywhere I go I know they're looking down on me.
Even though they dont know me, they dont like me.
I can’t pretend I’m who you want me to be, so I rather be alone.
So, Let me take back my life.
I can't keep changing, just because you think I should.

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Chuy Amante 03 March 2019

there once was some love that was in full of color black, white and all the rest, twas like none other luver

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The Van Man 09 February 2018

bit racist name in it

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The Van Man 09 February 2018

gimmeeeee summmm moreeeeeeee

4 3 Reply

There should be more on this, and you should be continuing writing poems...

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