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Rating: 5

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I have been writing for 4 decades. When my early work was first acknowledged, word got out that I was writing poetry. Family I didn't know I had, contacted me with history. I discovered there were poets on both sides of the family. The poetry world is outstanding. I live to know more. Books and books, thousands of poems, it is amazing. So many writers, sharing their thoughts and feelings. Bringing them to life to keep poetry alive.

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Nikunj Sharma 16 July 2009

she is poetess with a heart kind, benign and very smart held in a well versed imagery is the depth of her poetry I never knew, some one like her shall ever exist on earth or in universe who could lend the world a wisdom so terse for her I shall always pray for me and the whole world forever let her stay forever let her stay

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Your poems are a delight to read so full of insightful feelings that are conveyed spiritualy in a lyrical style.Your really sad poems are very poignant and your uplifting poems about faith, the Deity and love are positively uplifting.I gave you tens on all of your poems and you definetly have a style of your own..Good work..we should read your smoking poem series...there is quite a lesson in that one...

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Max Strong 29 June 2009

You asked for comments about you so you could get alot of hits - so here you go. Good luck.

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Prabir Gayen 20 December 2018

Fantastic poet... Very imaginative and romatic....

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Deborah Cromer 28 March 2016

Spring is here offering more experiences to encourage writing! Hoping to read some wonderful works of talent from PoemHunter! Keep up the great work. Deborah

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Deborah Cromer 24 December 2015

Merry Christmas 2015! It has been 5 decades now. Good to know life goes round and more poetry material is found. Looking forward to 10 more years of writing. Deborah

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Nikunj Sharma 17 August 2009

I dont know much about her her words seem familiar though her poems gleam a lot her verses bear a glow careful, kind and attentive she reads others with interest works hard, plays fair she is definitely the best... may god bless her....

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Siddharth Singh 20 July 2009

A poet par exellence. I can't even begin to comment on her as a poet, for she is far too talented and experienced in the field. A lady with a kind heart, always willing to share her experience with new comers and offer really discerning reviews for their work. All the members of poem hunter are extremely lucky and blessed to have her amongs't us.

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The Best Poem Of Deborah Cromer


What night was given in beautiful trust
Engulfed with kisses, touching and lust
Your mouth so strong, and filled with passion
Devouring my body in pleasing fashion
My heart so weak, and ready to break
This night with you was all it could take
Now you have my heart and soul in your hands
My mind and body, willing to meet demands
Thank you, thank you so very, very much
All loving actions of your body, have the healing touch
This life I am yours to do as you ask
Loving you completely, is not a task
Your words in my ear, your touch on my skin
Beautiful like Heaven, so far away from sin
Our bodies together, one love does form
Your breathing was heavy, so deep and warm
Places on my body, never kissed so much before
Each taste so much hungrier for more
Sounds of strongest pleasure, so living and free
You give me life, when you make love to me

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Deborah Cromer Popularity

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