Angel Poems: 80 / 500

Destructful Angels

Rating: 4.9

The dark, black Angel of Chaos
Time after time experienced loss
Planning the absolute annihilation
Of those whose hearts are full of sin

Wrathful Angel from above
Dead set on destroying love
Full of hate and full of rage
You'll never want to be engaged

Beautiful Angel of Insanity
The angel people want to be
Pained by the darkest grey chains
Your blood washed by the summer rains

Crying Angel of Misery
Full of sorrow and agony
Left behind and all alone
In the eyes, warmth not shone

Chaos Angel brings annihilation
Wrathful Angel desolation
Insane Angel revocation
Miserable Angel obliteration

Farah Shaikh 19 February 2008

a wonderfull poem.. really touched my heart.. and hopefully anyone else's who reads it... real talent =)

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Jessica Mai 03 April 2010

This is so clever and really interesting! everything about it is awesome

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Tessa Marshall 03 May 2009

haha totally awesome! even tho i wrote one just like the others, i really hate those pretty in pink angel crud. this one is so gothic and emo its cool. maybe i should try it...

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Andrew Morra 20 January 2009

i loved it! ! ! holy cow! ! i have no clue why! ! but i just fell in love with this piece...reminds me of me i guess...but thank you for writing this! !

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So gothic, i love it! God bless you, don't be sad.

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Parable Poetry 23 April 2008

Love is everywhere even if you can't find it. If love is within you then there is love, and that's the place where you should find yourself.

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