Bonnie B Long Poems

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Family First

Friends may come and friends may go
Family is first and this I know
Putting friends first is a mistake
And not one that you should make

I Have Found Where I Belong

I have found where I belong
Father, keep me safe and strong.
This is where I want to be
Father, keep me safe and free.


Pain surrounds you day to day
Nothing helps make it go away
Pain in muscles pain in joints
Pain so bad in trigger points.


My life is in circles don't know which way to turn
Do I go towards the light do I let myself burn.
The song says call my name and I'll be there
Will you, or will you leave me in despair?

Lifes Little Moments

Some of lifes little moments catch your heart
And from these moments you don't want to part
That moment for me was when I met you
And now there is nothing I can do

Empty Soul

Feast upon your empty soul
For pain has taken a might toll
Love has treated you so bad
That is why you are so sad

Broken Marriage

My heart is broken you've seemed to have gone away
Even though you've always promised you'd stay
We've been together for ever so long
Now I know what to do I've got to be strong


Assuming makes an ass out of you and me
It causes nothing but pain as far as I can see
Assuming the worst is nothing but wrong
But it does make you strong

My Soul

My soul is tortured beyond belief
It has come upon a giant reef
A stumbling block of huge proportions
I feel I must pull off contortions


Why is it that men like to flirt?
They’ll chase anything in a skirt
When they see a pretty face
It’s like they’re all in a race