I Have Found Where I Belong

Rating: 4.9

I have found where I belong
Father, keep me safe and strong.
This is where I want to be
Father, keep me safe and free.

Leave my life in your control
Cleanse my souls and make me whole
I promise You I will not stray
A promise, to keep, day by day.

If this promise I should break
I know my soul you will still take
When I come to deaths dark lake
You’ll bring me across for Jesus’ sake.

All my problems I lay at your feet
For I know that You’ll defeat
All the makes me weak not strong
I know I’ve found where I belong.

Howard Johnson 19 February 2007

Nice write filled with rhymes and a powerful spiritual message,

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Geoff Warden 18 February 2007

The intamite spirit of your work is oh so apparently strong, which makes the power of your words everflowing well done...

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Dan Michaelson 13 February 2007

Bonnie, I love this poem. It is full of hope and ultimate mercy for those who believe in Him. I can't say enough about this one. It sure helps me evertime I read it. Thanks...Dan

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Marvin Brato 11 February 2007

Sincere prayer I guess, well written poem giving each one's faith hope and deliverance from wrong. Thank you for sharing.

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