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I catch you crying
in the closet,
and wonder
what has gone wrong.

Child Of The Winter

The wind is calling me
The rain cries out my name
I am a child of the winter:
The shivering of leaves;

Moments In Time: Haiku

Mysterious gray
The shadow of a lone tree
Silently waiting


My Spring Song

I slip
Like wind
When summer

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Cassie Shipman 03 February 2014

Hey Bonnie! I loved your'e poem! Your'e a great poet, I encourage you to write your'e heart out. Keep writing! Your'e sister, Cassie

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Simon Gowen 20 July 2011

Some very 'Thought provoking' poems. Keep up the good work.

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I write because it is my gift. Sometimes I write my story in poem (e.g. how I am feeling, what is going on in my life) . Sometimes I write the words God gives me (those tend to be my best poems!) . Sometimes my words are the simple and natural outflow of creativity.
I have seven sisters and one brother, I love to travel (I have been overseas several times) and my favorite thing to do is become absorbed in a book.

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