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I slip
Like wind
When summer

Mysterious gray
The shadow of a lone tree
Silently waiting

Encrusted with jewels
And covered with gold
It may be priceless
But it can be sold

I catch you crying
in the closet,
and wonder
what has gone wrong.

The wind is calling me
The rain cries out my name
I am a child of the winter:
The shivering of leaves;

I have long brown hair;
hers is long and blonde and smoother than mine
I write poems or stories or songs;
she writes too, but her poems are more poetic

pride is cruel
through me
but it doesn't
have to be

A maze of black and white emptiness
Fills me with a sense of craziness.
Empty spaces are waiting to be filled-
With words finely ground and milled.

I've only got a penny,
One shiny copper penny.
But I have lots of plans.
I could make a stage

The vicarious wanderer
carries my soul to find
the man with tin trinkets
Perhaps he will buy my soul

Cold at first, the smooth metal,
The round bell my fingertips caress.
Reflected golden light
And the honey-thickness of color


Wild storms
Laughter amid thorns
Touching my face
Touching a deep place

is my favorite
we come together
raise our hands

In a silent day
a silent heart
in an angry day
a bitten tongue

I must Bite my tongue
to curb a bitter word.
I must Bite my tongue
when I curse with my tone,

Were things better
Was I better


One, two, three, four, five
I count my fingers again
Are they all still there?


They shall know us by our love, exhibited to neighbors all around
They shall know that we are loved, by peace within our faces at the sound
Of persecution raging or lying tongues towards numbers of our sum,
Like in barbarian times while lions ate the faithful ones of Rome.

Herbert was as old as could be
He lived 'til a hunnert and three
Then he closed his eyes
and refused to rise

Bonnie Shipman Biography

I write because it is my gift. Sometimes I write my story in poem (e.g. how I am feeling, what is going on in my life) . Sometimes I write the words God gives me (those tend to be my best poems!) . Sometimes my words are the simple and natural outflow of creativity. I have seven sisters and one brother, I love to travel (I have been overseas several times) and my favorite thing to do is become absorbed in a book.)

The Best Poem Of Bonnie Shipman


Dripping, puddling,
Constant winter weather
I love Oregon's cold raindrops!

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Cassie Shipman 03 February 2014

Hey Bonnie! I loved your'e poem! Your'e a great poet, I encourage you to write your'e heart out. Keep writing! Your'e sister, Cassie

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Simon Gowen 20 July 2011

Some very 'Thought provoking' poems. Keep up the good work.

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