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I'm a fun loving gent from the UK. Most of my days are filled with humour, watching, or creating.
Hopefully this is reflected in some of my poems.
Once in a while, something 'Serious' or thought provoking manages to force it's way out.
But generally, my aim is fun. And sharing.

I think its a wonderful gift to be able to place a smile, onto the face of someone you may never meet. Or if you're lucky, the chance to place a memory in the mind of another. Something they will then carry with them.

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Amy Lalala 25 June 2011

I'm so glad I came accross your poems! You've quickly become one of my favorite poets on this site!

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The Best Poem Of Simon Gowen

I Also Know John Denver

I’ve got some friends across the pond
I’d like you all to meet
You may have heard of one or two
For me this is a treat

Kenny Tickut is the first one
That I spoke with years ago
He has an aunt that loves me
And her name is Ida Ho

Now Ida has a neighbour,
Mrs Sippy Lives next door
And down the street a lonely man
We know him as Frank fort.

Frank lost his wife a while back
Virginia was her name
And since the day Virginia went
He’s never been the same.

Ken Tucky is a friend of Franks
Ken services Franks car
He has a young mechanic boy
And his name is Hugh Tar

Hugh fell in love with Dela Ware
And twice a day he’d phone her
But Dela wasn’t loyal cos
She’s seeing Harry Zona

When Hugh learnt Dela’s secret
He couldn’t let this pass
So he called a friend from
Southern states, a guy they call Tex Ass

Tex bought his uncle Mich Egan
An angry looking geeza
Mich has a girl who’s doing time
A rough one called Flo Reeder

But they had a wasted journey
Harry had a job in hand
He’s just popped down to JFK
To see Aunt Mary land

And last up is Nev Ardour
This guy plays a mean Piana
He sings the blues, in a local bar
To his love, Louise E Anna

Now as your host I have one task
To do before I go
To introduce the author
Yours truly Fran San Frisco

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Simon Gowen Popularity

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