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Butterfly Rhyme

Time to try, time to fly, time to look at the world through a fly.
All love grows for all but the butterfly rhyme.
It's time to try, time to fly for you need the self-impulse controlled.
Love the winter, love the time

Moving through time,
We are all inside the sign they keep intwined around their finger.
Striving for perfection through the winding tide of contraption.
The flowing tide going through the entire mind
In the butterfly rhyme

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Thought And Insecurity

In search of a spirit in this world
Far away from my plans and anxieties
Far from my homestead, just pure thought
Thoughts for you and for me

Some simple equation of how to handle this
No pressuring, the thoughts of insecurity that run through my head
So many consequences of my actions no time to figure out whats right