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We cannot aspire to that, which is already dead,
And there is no solace in delusion;
We should save the present for future memories;
Thus, to remember we had a life we lived.

Speak to me
when I am lonesome,
weak, and sad;

everything we know
contradicts the mind of heart
everything unknown
unveils its mystery when

Come! Join, and celebrate the Feast of Life!
Let us bathe in turquoise waters, free, as fish are;
Let our bodies swim with the aquatic currents
In saline refreshment, delighting our senses:

I dreamt I left this body,
Transcending mortal sin;
And to remember, hardly,
I on Earth to ever been.


Fears in heart, fears in mind,
For them reason I can't find;
Fears in love, and of unknown,
Of the wind and what may blow:

I live

to imagine

Oasis of love—
delight of my heart!
emerging from my memories…

So empty is my heart…
As if, she never loved and hoped;
As if, she has stopped…
What love will make her start?

You go, my love...you go...

And I will carry on waiting for you,
As I always do:

It is in this moment of clarity:
the reality, separating from idolatry:
raw, real: —experiencing reality.

I forgot your eyes open in my heart;
Whenever I close mine, you look at me:
Would that look ever meet my eyes again?
Would my heart ever bounce gleefully

The sunshine is sliding down
in vertical iridescent streams...
beautifying my senses,
illuming my mind:

In the photographic

frame of memory,

As iridescent as dragonfly-wings in sunlight;
In sunlight, as diaphanous veils in levitation;
As a balletic levitation in pulsating astral melodies;
Floating melodies with suave perfume of bliss:

Too long in my affliction...
Caught in a dream, in fiction;
In shame and in disdain,
And a madness of the brain.

Between random things and situations:
Distinctive messages in dots-connection.
Beyond the rational mind, to heart they speak,
And she reveals the truth in burning cheeks.

Mihaela Pirjol Biography

Mihaela Pirjol is a poet and author. She discovered her passion for poetry at the age of ten, when she received a volume of poems by Rainer Maria Rilke from her school. Pirjol's poetry has been published in various international anthologies, studied in university, and translated into different languages. She lives in Paphos, on the island of Cyprus. Mihaela Pirjol is the author of seven books of poetry: 'Metamorphosis' (2019,2020) 'Undulations' (2019) 'Echoes' (2019) 'Solar Stars' (2020) 'Selected Poems': Translated into Greek by D.K. Galanis (2020) 'Beatitude: Poems' (2021) 'Pulse' (2024) https: //www.amazon.com/Mihaela-Pirjol/e/B07RX84XRV https: //www.smashwords.com/profile/view/mihaelapirjol)

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We cannot aspire to that, which is already dead,
And there is no solace in delusion;
We should save the present for future memories;
Thus, to remember we had a life we lived.

No soul that is born alone and dies alone ever pertain
To anyone, on this mortal realm of mortals;
Nothing we are, but an evanescent breath of air;
Utopian significance of being insignificant.

How a superbus phallus in carnal pleasure dies,
That ephemeral all these earthly passions are;
Like the face of moon from dusk till dawn,
When sun replace its ardour with other kind of warmth.

Why consume our breath in yearning, suspiration?
Desire's flame needs oxygen, —and that will suffocate us;
The chastity of senses shall purge our spirits pure,
And rise above this Life whose claim is to endure.

Mihaela Pirjol Comments

M Asim Nehal 26 October 2015

You are a wonderful poetess, you write with your heart, May God bless you with writing powers. Looking forward to some awesome poems. Thanks.

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Richard Beevor 29 April 2014

excellent, flows beautifully

9 9 Reply
Richard Beevor 05 May 2014

love your honeycomb love

9 9 Reply
Richard Beevor 03 May 2014

10 after 10 after 10...............................

8 9 Reply
Richard Beevor 03 May 2014

well said Mihaela, perfect poetry

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C N Premkumar 28 August 2022

Rare selection of beautiful words and exuberant rhythm are the profundity of these poems. Sentences like - And there is no solace in delusion; We should save the present for future memories= are exceptionally rich contributions to modern poetry. Marvelous poems.

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Soran M. H 07 February 2020

amazing poems by great poet, that is what we are expecting from good poet, every success dear friend

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Valsa George 08 November 2019

Michaela pirjol is a gifted poetess. Her style is not conventional. Anyone reading her poems will feel awestruck by the power of her diction and the juxtaposition of irrational images. She is an erudite writer who ventures into writing surrealist poems which is not everyone's cup of tea! I wish her all success.

4 0 Reply
Darren Jkoeryo 02 March 2019

Beauty with brains, a very rare combination She takes you to dreamland, wonderland Loveland and truthland with her poems No words can describe the artistic work she writes. My best wishes.

5 0 Reply
Prabir Gayen 26 February 2019

Very talented a extraordinary Poetess....God bless you..

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Mihaela Pirjol Quotes

'I have always believed that when we love, our hearts are open, channeling the Energy of the Universe; the same way when two people are in love - they form an invisible arc, and they can almost see and sense the rainbow colours of each other's aura.'

' Sometimes, we fulfil greater dreams; dreams, we didn't even dream about. '

' The heart is simple, but the mind tries to complicate it.'

' When you are in a big cage, you don't realise you are in a cage.'

' Everything I have written in my poems, I no longer carry in my heart.'

' When one is aware of being aware, the awareness is nullified.'

' Forgiveness is the end of past.'

' To elucidate the mystery of love, is to come to its finitude; and finitude questions its existence. '

' The certainty of reality, is interrupting the possibility of dreaming.'

'The worst of communication is the inability to listen; and, therefore - all the misunderstanding.'

'Life is a perpetual preparation for death.'

'Although innocence of heart may seem weakness, - it is power - for the Heart absorbs Energy from the sacred fountain of the Universe.'

'Spontaneity is the emblem of an honest heart.'

'Philanthropic deeds should be discreet.'

'Endurance in silence trains the heart to hope.'

'Retained information is a method of manipulation.'

'If you want to climb, there is no need to use a staircase of corpses: use your own wings.'

'Clean the doctrines which pollute the mind; the advertisements which replace the dreams; the noise which replaces Nature.'

'It is frightening to love in delusion, when reality shatters your illusion.'

'To marvel at Nature is to feel alive.'

'There will be times when you will have to fight with your own life to save your life.'

'The remedy for a broken heart is: Art.'

'We all are creators of our own lives; but we keep God on the side in case we fail.'

'If time is a man-made concept; therefore, there is no beginning and no end.'

'If words do not embalm other people's hearts, better not to be uttered.'

'By instinctually choosing the most beautiful mate, human beings contribute to the human evolution- distancing themselves from monkeys.'

'I enjoy engaging in an elaborate and eloquent rhetoric in order to organise my thoughts, evoke memories, conceive new ideas; and of course, I enjoy hearing myself talking! '

'The time wasted in apathy, is almost close to blasphemy.'

'Conformity destroys spontaneity.'

'I am not special, but I am different- and that makes the difference.'

'Happiness looks good in the mirror.'

'Love me or hate me; but, you will always love me.'

'Maternal love is terrestrial; romantic love is spiritual.'

'Poets explain the dreams whilst others sleep.'

'A healthy state of mind, a life of simplicity with good deeds, in the heart of nature: is the recipe for happiness.'

'I am recording in writing my illusions; for they were more real than reality.'

'When the line between truth and untruth is blended, it can only result confusion.'

'Through Music, humans access their most profound emotions.'

'Money cannot possibly satisfy more than a stomach and some illusions.'

'The wounds of the soul are healed by poetry.'

'Philosophy and Poetry are like twins with different character.'

'There is microscope and macroscope: we have to use the macroscope in order to see the big picture: there is no country, only the concept, from which all the problems of humanity arise.'

'Let us poets be fool that we may be enlightened.'

‘If you want to keep a secret, hide it in plain sight.'

‘You do not have to be ugly in order to write beautiful poetry.'

‘If poets strangulate the muse, they fall in banality.'

‘My poems are mirrors for my readers.'

‘How can humans fathom each other? They are made of different experiences! '

‘I am not planning on looking good in the grave.'

‘If you see me quiet, it is because I contemplate the unfolding of your being: I am feeling your etheric-field.'

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Mihaela Pirjol Popularity

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