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Mihaela Pirjol lives in Paphos, on the Island of Cyprus. She discovered her passion for Poetry at the age of ten, when the school offered to her a volume of poems by Rainer Maria Rilke. Eleven of her poems have been published in various anthologies around the world, some have been studied in universities across Asia, and many others translated into ...

Mihaela Pirjol Poems


We cannot aspire to that, which is already dead,
And there is no solace in delusion;
We should save the present for future memories;
Thus, to remember we had a life we lived.

Aeroplane (Haiku)

Lucidity Of Love (Tanka)

everything we know
contradicts the mind of heart
everything unknown
unveils its mystery when

Speak To Me

Speak to me
when I am lonesome,
weak, and sad;

Celebration Of Life

Come! Join, and celebrate the Feast of Life!
Let us bathe in turquoise waters, free, as fish are;
Let our bodies swim with the aquatic currents
In saline refreshment, delighting our senses:

Mihaela Pirjol Quotes

19 March 2016

'I have always believed that when we love, our hearts are open, channeling the Energy of the Universe; the same way when two people are in love - they form an invisible arc, and they can almost see and sense the rainbow colours of each other's aura.'

07 December 2016

' Sometimes, we fulfil greater dreams; dreams, we didn't even dream about. '

15 December 2016

' The heart is simple, but the mind tries to complicate it.'

19 December 2016

' When you are in a big cage, you don't realise you are in a cage.'

19 December 2016

' Everything I have written in my poems, I no longer carry in my heart.'

Mihaela Pirjol Comments

M Asim Nehal 26 October 2015

You are a wonderful poetess, you write with your heart, May God bless you with writing powers. Looking forward to some awesome poems. Thanks.

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Richard Beevor 05 May 2014

love your honeycomb love

9 9 Reply
Richard Beevor 29 April 2014

excellent, flows beautifully

9 9 Reply
Richard Beevor 03 May 2014

10 after 10 after 10...............................

8 9 Reply
Richard Beevor 03 May 2014

well said Mihaela, perfect poetry

7 8 Reply
Soran M. H 07 February 2020

amazing poems by great poet, that is what we are expecting from good poet, every success dear friend

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Valsa George 08 November 2019

Michaela pirjol is a gifted poetess. Her style is not conventional. Anyone reading her poems will feel awestruck by the power of her diction and the juxtaposition of irrational images. She is an erudite writer who ventures into writing surrealist poems which is not everyone's cup of tea! I wish her all success.

4 0 Reply
Darren Jkoeryo 02 March 2019

Beauty with brains, a very rare combination She takes you to dreamland, wonderland Loveland and truthland with her poems No words can describe the artistic work she writes. My best wishes.

5 0 Reply
Prabir Gayen 26 February 2019

Very talented a extraordinary Poetess....God bless you..

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Kumarmani Mahakul 30 September 2018

NOTE: Along with this following acrostic poem on behalf of all poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family a title of honour is offered to poetess Mihaela Pirjol as, Benevolent Gem. From today on-wards she will be known as Benevolent Gem Mihaela Pirjol. We hope all poets and visitors will accept this.

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