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I saw a bright light

Just as all seemed lost

The room begins to get smaller
Only the moon shone through the tiny window
Perhaps this is how it is meant to be
I yearn for strength and hope

If it was a different life,
It would have been all gloomy.
If it was a different world,
It would have lasted

I always felt that the odds where against me,
I always told myself that this is how people want me to be
Sometimes I ponder,
At times I wonder,

When the odds were against me

All I could wish for was a hand to hold

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You Saved Me

I saw a bright light

Just as all seemed lost

I stretched forth my hands

Hoping to get a grip of myself

My efforts were in vain

For even though i could see the light, I couldn't reach for it

But you just came from nowhere

Just to lend me a helping hand

Yes indeed, YOU saved me! !

As I passed through

I never thought of YOU

I ran all around

I did all YOU told me not to

Eventually I became an outlaw

Until fate caught up with me

Then I realized that I had failed

But in the midst of the storm, YOU stood by me

Truly, YOU saved me! !

My destiny began to change

My body became weak

My soul could no longer endure

The pain in my heart grew stronger

All because I failed

I felt this was the beginning of the end

I felt as though I was being tortured

I never for once remembered YOU

Yet still, YOU saved me! !

My last days I will dedicate to YOU

My house will now be YOUR temple

I will find a way to make it up to YOU

I will strive just to do as YOU wish

For this might be the last chance I have

Not to say I am repaying YOU

But just to show gratitude cos YOU saved me! !

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Hamza Obeng Popularity

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