Brielle Kellems Poems

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A Planet Called Earth

We live on a planet called Earth
And we're destroying all that it's worth

Our oceans are filled with pollution

A Beautiful Soul

Take a deep breath
Breathe the new spring air and fresh morning dew
Feel the cool breeze and the beautiful, sunless sky
As the wind takes your breath away and carries you far from home

My Lonely

Oh, lonely, oh, lonely
If only, if only
Go find you a friend
Who will stay 'till the end

A Voice With No Choice

It cannot breathe nor eat
Its heart might not even beat
Birthing it would be a feat
Almost like a parasite

And I Loved You All The Same

You took my breath away

You took up all my oxygen
And strangled out my hope

Six Of Crows

Crows of a feather
Murder together

The first crooked crow, all broken and bent

Seize The Day

Seize the day!
Live your most wonderful life, as well as you may
Let life fill you up with joy and worth
Have your world immersed in the most wonderful mirth


We knights are brothers by our swords
Venturing together into dragon's hordes
While we know we may die
We see no cause to weep nor cry

A War On Wrath

Anger takes me by surprise
To let it linger would be unwise
It's dark and vile
Whispering hatred behind smiles

Airline Number 3

The world is a quilt of squares
Concrete lines cut through the land
Rivers of mud and muck
Concrete, plowed fields, and trees

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