Brielle Kellems Poems

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A Planet Called Earth

We live on a planet called Earth
And we're destroying all that it's worth

Our oceans are filled with pollution

My Lonely

Oh, lonely, oh, lonely
If only, if only
Go find you a friend
Who will stay 'till the end

A Voice With No Choice

It cannot breathe nor eat
Its heart might not even beat
Birthing it would be a feat
Almost like a parasite

Pages That Ensnare

I'm captured by this book
Like a line with a hook
Consuming words like a fire
This hunger is a desire

My Rose

You're as beautiful as a rose
So understated as it grows
My fragile little flower
More perfect every hour

Every Night

There's a storm outside
It makes me want to hide

They're fighting outside my door

It's Getting Dark

It's dark in my brain
I'm going insane
It's all in my mind
A light I can't find

Just So You Know

A heart of stone
With a throne made of bone
Windows stained with blood
Your tears will cause a flood

Cleaning Queen

Cinderella: Cleaning Queen
I'd rather she not be heard nor seen
She's no symbol of kingdom pride
And we know that pretty's on the inside

Six Of Crows

Crows of a feather
Murder together

The first crooked crow, all broken and bent