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We live on a planet called Earth
And we're destroying all that it's worth

Our oceans are filled with pollution

Oh, lonely, oh, lonely
If only, if only
Go find you a friend
Who will stay 'till the end

Take a deep breath
Breathe the new spring air and fresh morning dew
Feel the cool breeze and the beautiful, sunless sky
As the wind takes your breath away and carries you far from home

It cannot breathe nor eat
Its heart might not even beat
Birthing it would be a feat
Almost like a parasite

You took my breath away

You used up all my oxygen
And strangled out my hope

'I'm okay now...'

'Were you not before? '

Do not dishonor the gods.
Do not dishonor your husband,
And dear woman, do not let them take your son
Now, he will never see the sun.


My hands are shaking
My voice is breaking
My thoughts are running wild
My feelings are all riled

Pillage and plunder
Your birth was a blunder
You cheat, and you steal
Your manners aren't real

Good morning
We're all still mourning
For on the clock's last chime
You ran out of time

Anxiety is a riddle
And I'm caught in the middle
It's all in my mind
An answer I'm supposed to find

The world is a quilt of squares
Concrete lines cut through the land
Rivers of mud and muck
Concrete, plowed fields, and trees

I don't feel well
Sitting at the table is hell
They tell me I need to eat more
But eating is such a chore

Sitting in the silent street
I watch alone, a grown woman weeps
My society has collapsed
We, a people, are trapped


What if I told you that you are alone
It's true
It's how you started, and it is how you will die
There's no reason to hide it

Ripping tearing tumbling
Hands shaking and fingers fumbling
Crawling through the dirt
But the dirt was really hurt

I'm so tired, but I'm scared to fall asleep
Most nights, I want to fall asleep and never wake up
But I'm scared of what happens if I don't
I don't want to ever wake up again

Memories I can't quite remember
Of family friends and babysitters
I've felt panic before, but now it's in my chest
Wrapping around my lungs and blocking my breath

Everything is going dark
After my vision starts to blur
Losing feeling in my limbs
I think my nose is bleeding

I've fallen in love with Death
She is beautiful
With sardonic smiles and indifferent grins
She cares so much but never quite enough

The Best Poem Of Alaina B.

A Planet Called Earth

We live on a planet called Earth
And we're destroying all that it's worth

Our oceans are filled with pollution
And no one can find a solution

Our forests are filled with fires
And all our politicians are liars

Our rivers are filled with oil
And there's poison in the soil

All this destruction is a theft
It'd be better if we just left

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Ben Drew 07 August 2022

Hi, I am currently writing a novel and would love to use your Six of Crows poem to include at the start of the novel to help set the scene and the tone?

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Brielle Kellems 12 August 2022

Hi Ben! Thank you for asking. The poem itself is based on the novel Six of Crows, so I'm unsure if it's something you should use for your own work. If you decide you want to use it anyway, you are more than welcome to do so.

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'Writing poetry is like writing an autobiography of your thoughts. Every little feeling, insight, passing thought, or painful memory can be expressed in the most beautiful and fervid way.' -Brielle Kellems

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