A Beautiful Soul Poem by Brielle Kellems

A Beautiful Soul

Rating: 5.0

Take a deep breath
Breathe the new spring air and fresh morning dew
Feel the cool breeze and the beautiful, sunless sky
As the wind takes your breath away and carries you far from home
The ground slips from your feet as you gaze in wonder
Throw caution to the wind, and let it fly free beside you
Let the slate-colored clouds be the wings on your back that glide with you and carry you off to the endless forever

Flowers dot the land much like beautiful stars, and rivers flow like the Milky Way of clear nights and twilight
Twisting and tumbling through euphoria as time slips away from your grasp
The world below is shifting like the wind, but the sky stays a comfortable constant, dancing with your soul
The wind sounds like music, and your thoughts sing every lyric to the tune of a birdsong miles away

Light breaks through the sky as the clouds part and reveal rays of the sun's warmth
Broken clouds, broken wings
Raindrops like falling feathers
Rushing wind falls out of tune
And the Earth rises up to catch you as you fall

Nabakishore Dash 27 April 2022

What a beautiful depiction on the Nature! ! !

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Wonderful poetic commentary on nature. Most enchanting, " Earth rises up to catch you as you fall"… loved it. Top score and Favourited

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