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There's Pizza delivery
Indian Cuisine

Flick your Bic with the Music
Do a high kick with the music
Twirl a walking stick with the music
Tweak and reek with the music,

I'm not lookin for no all the time thing.
Just one night, 'tween the sheets, you and me.
I hear you're booked up all the way through next week.
Damn baby if works for you

Have you seen Godot today.
We were supposed to hook up
but, I guess, he split on me.
I'm only 18 cents short

As life goes on, time can surely sever
the ties that bind us in
sweet surrender.
Once you thrilled

I got a brother named Thunder
another named Lightening
my sister's named Wind
and I'm Rain

You don't know
this burnin' sadness that I feel
And you can't see
beneath my fragile smile

I don't care anymore
pussy in Hell.
I might die and take you with me
Pussy in hell



What can we make of this war

Tic tic tic

Options we hear

I want what I want when I want it,
nothin' wrong with that.
Can you beat that?
Must've lost

I'm a grown man
from long ago.
Can't take the man heart outta me
don't you know.

High style, walkin shoes
makes bare feet obsolete.
Latchkey kids dumpster divin' to eat
Cops on the street

I hate the police.
I hate em yes I do.
I hate the police,
try and tell me what to do?

In Dutch deep
with luscious trouble
She's got me seein
more than double

He's a rock n roll man
He's the first
the best
and the last man standing.

You were built for speed.
With hot lovin to make me scream
with joy.
Why hide in the weeds with toys

I want to gorge myself, on rich, food and drink
laughing til I spit at wildly exotic
out of the way Indian cafes
planning high drama on low budget.

They rock ' n' rolled you
They bought 'n' sold you
Then they tossed you in the back of a car
First they created you

There once was a young man named Phil
He'd walk straight out your store
without paying the bill
His street name was Robb

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American Storyteller Music Ethnocologist. Music is my dialect, my bible, I am a minister of song, music Melody, and rhyme are my sanctuary. I split my insides wide open, and slit my wriists with music. You can feel my beating heart, all the way, clear through. My religion contains the spirit the good book of music and song. I sing to the wind, and the rain. Here is where the spirit of God can be found, .vocals to augment certain storylines. I have recorded two C.D's for those of you who may be interested, Various styles added to own style..Playing solo on an unforgiving street corner. has helped me keep sharp first, finding out what random folks like. I have the opportunity as a street musician to bounce energies off of random test subjects, my audence isn't nailed in their seats to see or hear me. As I employ my musical magic to draw them, then, hook them. It is alot like fishing with better bait. Every time I put my line in the water, I get more experience catching the big fish...... I can say, with some confidence, my audience on the street gives me priceless feedback.. Whatever their.. It's a response, it's duly noted... I have tools in my tool box. to sing creating pictures with words which weave your, mine and a collective of stories together. I have hours of material. Going from playful to deadly serious in a time signature moment. When you need it bad. Iron clad. just been had Fat gold money's mad Froze your ass in Stalingrad. Schwag fell out your zip bag and now you need it and isn't that why we're all hangin' round here. It's dangerously clear. Snippets of songs, layered with meaning, leading into new passageways. Only through art can you make a statement that would be offensive and taboo if you just spoke it or wrote about it. 'So, get over yourself. 'cause the riches you call treasures are lookin' rancid and decrepid and they make me want to reh reh reh retch! ! ! Stick a fork in me. I am a performance artist who delves in deeper truths, God forbid the day when Instead of shocking and pleasing, I become a role model for the masses, and try to suck up and appease..)

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Wild Rice Soak

There's Pizza delivery
Indian Cuisine
The Burger king
and the Dairy Queen
Why not boil some 'tators
with spiced corned-beef alligators
mix it up like a pole cat
where you can screw and smoke.
Then, set your meat on simmer
and let your wild rice soak

Don't need no pita breads
Sushi plates,
or double deep fried
chicken wings.
Won't be last man standing
at your buffet style onion rings.
I'd love to teach the world to eat
in perfect harmony.
If you'd cook up a meal for us
that'd be fine by me.

The only one with home cuisine
is our trusty watch dog Jo.
With his chewy train of gravy
doggy biscuits, and Alpo.
Wouldn't it be worth the extra effort
to make your cooking great.
You could tell us how you made it
when you put it on our plate.
Palate wise, restaurant foolish.
Smoke good tobacco
and sip imported Gin.
Let them tax us
straight to hell
strut your stuff
and play to win.
Dance, the dance of lovers
with a most kissable
Kiss Me Kate.
Put a fat notch on your score card
before the hour gets too late.
Then, grab up your serving dish
and flip yourself a yolk.
Put your meat on low
that's simmer, Son
and let your wild rice soak.

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Buddy Bee Anthony

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there's a time to fish and a time to mend nets.

Nobody ever listened to me while I was alive. So, on my tombstone, I want an engraver to carve a 'thank you for finally listening.' etched in the lower margins,

Can't you see the roadmap of my life written on my face and these tattoos which burn hot from my insides.

Dominatrix on the axis climbs The Tower Of Plaxis

Decendants of David, and Son's Of Jesus, where have all the gentiles gone? I didn't have the answer to that question. Something told me, if asked, the T.V, preacher had a pat answer to it. Still, the night skies are filled with haunting cries into hot mics by Native Sons chanting ancient prayers to one day pierce with fire, the 'blessed' stained glass to turn to ash, all Philistinian, brick, mortar and concrete sanctuariums.

I don't smile alot. I am in my 60's and don't care if you don't like me my style or lack thereof. I can aim high to entertain you if I am paid well to do so. I have specialized training in that regard. My voice jolts you with a million volts of musical energy Let's just say I've jumped enough batteries, to light up all the Christmas lights and Taxi cabs in New York City.. I have lines on my face, and, tatooes on my insides. By now, if you're still reading, you understand I am not a role model. I don't care whether or not you think I'd make a gracious guest at your next dinner party. I sing about greed, vanity, lust, grief, Power relationships, the human struggles for acceptance and love in a world made of stone and steel., I bust through the earth's crust. Atlas on my freedom train destination: spirit. A hmore connective, higher stream of consciousness. using my musical power to move you into a dream state of mind. I, like you probably hope for better. I have an outlaw's mind and by proxy. I'm an outsider by design. My lyrics are my six guns. Sometimes, when I I am entertaining, I act out my most delectible, terrible twos fantasies. I offend freely. But, we all take a risk that somebody isn't going to say nice things about our work. Our message is going to disturb others. The trick isn't to run away and hide. The trick is to hit and run with the beat of the dance. We have become far too hard boiled. and have tried to pass our hard shells onto our budding artists, Tragically, there has been a plage of conformity. Putting your neck out too far hasn't been healthy. Why is that? We crush too many of our most gifted. Granted some are several deviations from the norm But, what good is an artist who doesn't question the rules of their society? We trash the messenger. because we feel queazy about the message.. It's our duty and our calling to sound the alarm to question everybody and everything, To be a diligent contrarian. When you say why? , an artist might say why not? if you say why not? They might say, why bother? ... I know one thing. I am far better than a New York mInute and a half, So, If you can muster up the courage, then, stick around for my big prestige. . It is my pleasure to jolt your senses, into a new vantage point. If I don't change your assemblage point, . then I am not doing my job as a musician. Don't expect me to smile or cut my hair to get in anyone's good graces. Music, my music comes from a sacred, and ancient source, the cauldron of the beating human heart, ., I don't always play well with others and I don't want to sob and lament over broken toys or spilled milk.. I am not singing to save the Mountain Gorilla's or the whales, , I am not trying to liberate gay rights defenders. I don't write songs with themes about Somalia, New Brunswick, Apache's, , Eskimoes. Or the plight of the polar bear. I don't have a blues scale pipeline to oppressed woman around the world. I wrote a few songs to see if I could become accomplished in Folk, , and Country music. I have a formidable wheel house of storied material that keeps growing. I don't play Christmas music, nor do I employ gender baiting or bending, to build my music career. It feels to me, to be cheap, manipulative, and inauthentic. Denaturing, the rich fabric and texture of a more solid and critical, musical message.

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Buddy Bee Anthony Popularity

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