Traffic's Thoughts Poem by C Richard Miles

Traffic's Thoughts

Rating: 2.7

As the trailing traffic trundles
Slug-like slow through humdrum London,
Serpentine, so slowly snaking,
As the working world is waking,
Does it drag its feet, despondent
That its journey's such a long one?

Is it glum, lethargic, lagging
Stultified by last night's stabbing
By the youths who prowled the pavements?
Is it stopped in shocked amazement
At the fights and altercations
Of the drivers who lack patience?

Does it long to laze and linger,
Too relaxed to raise a finger,
Pull its socks up, get in motion?
Does it ever get a notion
That we crushed-in cramped commuters
Have to rush to our computers?

Is is dragged down, all enjoyment
Drained by rising unemployment?
Settling scores with willing workers,
Does it shuffle just to irk us?
Is is giving us a warning
Since we've cursed its crawl each morning?

Voyeuristic, as it goggles
At the skimpy-kitted joggers,
Is is racked by indecision?
Will it cause the next collision?
Does it rubberneck at crashes
Peering as it slowly passes?

Has it got a sage solution
Putting paid to fume pollution?
Is its so-annoying slowness
Just an eco-friendly bonus
So we lose our love to travel
As our road-romance unravels?

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