Camacy Melville Poems

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Beauty, Inside And Out

I am black
I am beautiful
inside and out

Mirror Reflection

When I look in the mirror, what do I see?
A beautiful human being staring right back at me

When I move grade to grade, what has been shown?

My Own Little Secret

Someone likes you but I cant tell you who
Because of the fact that I like him too
I found out last night
While I spoke to his girl, and tried to fight off my feelings with all my might

Forgiving Without Forgetting

How can you say 'forgive and forget'?
When what happend will never pass away?
How can I try to forgive without really knowing what it is that happened?
How can I forget when what happened is not forgetable

Answer Me This...

How you do me like that?
How you hurt me like that?
How you lead me on like that?
How you make me like you like that?

A Chance To Breathe?

Let me have my space
So I can breathe
You always all up on me, and that's why I look at you as a disgrace

What If?

What if there was never slavery?
What if I wasn't a person?
What if I was a boy?
What if I was 7 feet tall?

Just Some Thoughts....

I'm in love with this boy,
but now I'm confused
Is my love for him being abused?
He says he loves me, that he really does

Are You Coming On My Day?

I see how you look at him
With those pretty eyes
You watch like you are committing sin
And can’t wait to be taken in for your crime

Tears Of Sadness Or Relief?

My tears that I have?
What are they really?
Is it tears of sadness? or relief?
The minute I heard I held back