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I am 17 years old and I love to write poetry I go to ClaraBarton Highschool in Crown Heights, Brooklyn New York.
I write books too but they haven't been published yet. So far i have written 8 poems and my mother says she must get them published.Now since I started using poem hunter I have written more poems in order to widen my profile and to improve my own writing skills. I have 2 younger sisters. I am happy to finally be able to have my poetry published.

Camacy Melville Poems

Beauty, Inside And Out

I am black
I am beautiful
inside and out

Mirror Reflection

When I look in the mirror, what do I see?
A beautiful human being staring right back at me

When I move grade to grade, what has been shown?

My Own Little Secret

Someone likes you but I cant tell you who
Because of the fact that I like him too
I found out last night
While I spoke to his girl, and tried to fight off my feelings with all my might

Forgiving Without Forgetting

How can you say 'forgive and forget'?
When what happend will never pass away?
How can I try to forgive without really knowing what it is that happened?
How can I forget when what happened is not forgetable

Answer Me This...

How you do me like that?
How you hurt me like that?
How you lead me on like that?
How you make me like you like that?

Camacy Melville Comments

Nicole Connell 04 September 2005

Your poems are so good I just had to include them in my assignment for school. No joke. Your a natural.

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Arshad Ansari 28 June 2005

Camacy, i don't know a lot about literature. However, I loved most of your poems. They are really cool.

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