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Carol Ann Duffy, CBE, FRSL (born 23 December 1955) is a Scottish poet and playwright. She is Professor of Contemporary Poetry at Manchester Metropolitan University, and was appointed Britain's poet laureate in May 2009. She is the first woman, the first Scot, and the first openly LGBT person to hold the position.
Her collections include Standing F ...

Popular Poems

Not a red rose or a satin heart.
I give you an onion.
It is a moon wrapped in brown paper.

Words, Wide Night

Somewhere on the other side of this wide night
and the distance between us, I am thinking of you.
The room is turning slowly away from the moon.


The most unusual thing I ever stole? A snowman.
Midnight. He looked magnificent; a tall, white mute
beneath the winter moon. I wanted him, a mate

The Shirt

Afterwards, I found him alone at the bar
and asked him what went wrong. It's the shirt,
he said. When I pull it on it hangs on my back

In Mrs Tilscher's Class

In Mrs Tilscher's class
You could travel up the Blue Nile
with your finger, tracing the route
while Mrs Tilscher chanted the scenery.
"Tana. Ethiopia. Khartoum. Aswan."
That for an hour,
then a skittle of milk
and the chalky Pyramids rubbed into dust.
A window opened with a long pole.
The laugh of a bell swung by a running child.

This was better than home. Enthralling books.
The classroom glowed like a sweetshop.
Sugar paper. Coloured shapes. Brady and Hindley
faded, like the faint, uneasy smudge of a mistake.
Mrs Tilscher loved you. Some mornings, you found
she'd left a gold star by your name.
The scent of a pencil slowly, carefully, shaved.
A xylophone's nonsense heard from another form.

Over the Easter term the inky tadpoles changed
from commas into exclamation marks. Three frogs
hopped in the playground, freed by a dunce
followed by a line of kids, jumping and croaking
away from the lunch queue. A rough boy
told you how you were born. You kicked him, but stared
at your parents, appalled, when you got back

That feverish July, the air tasted of electricity.
A tangible alarm made you always untidy, hot,
fractious under the heavy, sexy sky. You asked her
how you were born and Mrs Tilscher smiled
then turned away. Reports were handed out.
You ran through the gates, impatient to be grown
the sky split open into a thunderstorm.


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RS 15 February 2021

Does anyone know where I can find the poem "The Babysitter" by Duffy? It's a kids poem.

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Margaret Basketter 19 December 2020

Does anyone know where I can find a written copy of Carol Ann Duffy's poem " Peterloo" please? I heard it at the Peterloo commemoration in Manchester on the Anniversary of Peterloo - very, very impressed and so emotiional. Thanks, Margaret B

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caroline hall 12 March 2020

does anyone have her poems poet of our time, statement and survivor as I cannot find them please

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dsfsvsvds 27 January 2020

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Cliff Lloyd 06 May 2019

... You may have to copy & paste the link into the address bar

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Cliff Lloyd 06 May 2019

Persistence rewarded!

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Cliff Lloyd 06 May 2019

There is a splendid Guardian article on the poems referred to by Edith Thomsen, directly below, which includes 16 of the poems. If I can't include a link to it in this post, I suggest an online search which includes poet's name and the topic - it worked for me! Link: https: //

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The Link 06 May 2019


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Cliff Lloyd 06 May 2019

Site won't let me include the link. Suggest your search for: Guardian Carol Ann Dufy ageing

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Mee Again 06 May 2019

For some reason I can't include the link itself: https: //

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Cliff Lloyd 06 May 2019

The missing link: https: //

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Cliff Lloyd 06 May 2019

! forgot the link: https: //

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Cliff Lloyd 06 May 2019

Here's a link to a splendid article from a splendid newspaper (The Guardian) on the Carol Ann Duffy colection of poems on ageing which includes 16 poems.

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Edith Thomsen 12 April 2019

Some years ago, Carol Ann Duffy collected som poems of ageing from other pioets. Unfortunately I do not know the title of this anthology. It cotains poema from among others Roger McGough, Nina Cassion and many more. Can you help me? King regards Edith Thomsen

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lovethatforme 18 March 2019

I love medusa, it really pulls on my heart strings

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brayden buckley-smith 04 March 2019

bruh carol ann duffy thicc af

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godddddd 27 February 2019

i am here to grace u all

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shivas 26 February 2019

does anyone know where i can find name by carol ann duffy

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