Carola Hume

Germany, migrated to Australia as a child
Carola Hume
Germany, migrated to Australia as a child

Carola Hume Poems

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🐟...Rivers & Waterways...🐊

Our planet's waterways and variety of natural contours are truly amazing,
From thin streamlets, meandering rivers, to wide outpouring ocean deltas.
Banks sculpted by the water's momentum from the mountains to the valleys,
Rivers flowing fast or slow, punctuated by magnificent cascading waterfalls.

✈️ ~ First Flying Lesson ~

Looking at the sunny and cloudless sky,
High up a small white aeroplane flies by.
My heart has this feeling of yearning to fly,
What would it be like, h'mm I wonder now..?

~ Soul ~

A soul, yours and mine... so what is it...
An ethereal entity? immortal? male, female or neither?
Celestial for sure... breathed into us by God, unique to you and me,
Appurtenant to each and everyone, living and hovering in our hearts.

πŸ‘„ πŸ‘„ ~ Verbal Plagiarism Β ~

Have you ever noticed during chatter,
In social conversations, of no matter.

When listening to the words attentively,

~ 🌲 Trees… Here Today, And Tomorrow? ~

Trees of all sorts and colours, straight and bent
Covering grassland, and swaying with the breeze

Solitary and in clusters growing wild and free

🎈 ~ Birthdays ~

Are they a reminiscence of times passed, 

Are they nostalgia of your youthful years,

Are they a recollection of achievements gained, 

Are they thoughts of regret of choices made.