Carola Hume

Germany, migrated to Australia as a child
Carola Hume
Germany, migrated to Australia as a child
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✈️ ~ First Flying Lesson ~

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Looking at the sunny and cloudless sky,
High up a small white aeroplane flies by.
My heart has this feeling of yearning to fly,
What would it be like, h'mm I wonder now..?
To feel the control column in my hands,
A challenge and rather fun, me thinks.
I can hardly wait for the booking day,
I have only to wait out two more sleeps.

Lesson 1 in a ‘Cessna 172' soon about to start,
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✈️ ~ First Flying Lesson ~
Sunday, March 3, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: flying,lesson,sky,airplane,flight
My first flying lesson was in September 1965. My licence qualifications progressed from private pilot licence through to airline transport licence both in Australia & USA, but not flying commercially in USA, only there for flight training for a MU2B-60 (Mitsubishi) & Learjet 35. My aviation career was never in a major airline, but in the General Aviation (G.A.) sector which included flight instructor, charter pilot, corporate pilot & night freight across Australia for Norfolk Airlines - Jet Division, a smaller G.A. airline (which no longer exists)
Women in Australia were not accepted by major lines until the early 1980's when a women pilot took Ansett Airlines to court (the airline also no longer exists) .

After our federal government changed the gender discrimination rules, she won her court case.This court case then opened up employment for women pilots in airlines & the military.
Too late for me however, as back then airline pilot hiring (male or female) was subject to a rigid upper age limit (maximum of 27 years old) plus a pre-requisite number of flying hours experience.✈️
Debby Bka Sassy Pizzo 17 March 2019

What a thrilling & detailed write! I felt like I was beside you the entire way! Thank you for sharing this special experience :)

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Carola Hume 17 March 2019

thank you for your kind comments, & glad you enjoyed the ride!

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Dr Antony Theodore 04 March 2019

My heart has this feeling of yearning to fly What would it be like, h'mm I wonder now..? Engine shutdown, what a high I'm feeling! Soon I'll do it again. i quaoted the first and the last line of your poem. reading you i really wanted to fly to experience the excitement u had..... lovely poem. thank u. tony

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Carola Hume 04 March 2019

thank you for reading & commenting dr. tony. why don't you find the nearest flying school to your location, and for your next birthday treat yourself to a Trial Instructional Flight so you too can experience a flying them up & find out what a one time lesson will cost per hour. cheerio carola i'll go & check out your poet's page & read another of your poems cheerio carola

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Jazib Kamalvi 04 March 2019

Write comment. An amazing experience of the first flight, Dear Poetess. I really enjoyed it. You may like to read my ars poetica named, Poetic Sense-1. Thanks

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Dipak Adhya 03 March 2019

Very good and well thought provoking poem .

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Gajanan Mishra 03 March 2019

Incremental gaps, good one

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