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In My world,
Poverty shan't exist in our world.
Everybody would be treated with equality,
Yet hard work would always be present.

Where lies friendship,
There lies communication.
However, with communication lost,
Friendship dwindles along with it.


Chewy caramels,
Delicious chocolates,
Spicy Mints,
And peppery canes.

Cherry-colored lips;
Always with a kind word there.
Hazel eyes touched up with eye-liner,
So often laughing but holding meaning as well.

You held me in your arms when I was upset.
You soothed me when I was angered.
You embraced me when we came in contact.
What more can I ask?

My Darling Dear,
I hope you enjoy,
The fresh crisp air,
With many a plenty toys.

Then, I squandered my earnings.
Then, I wasted time.
Then, I paid no heed to my parents' warnings,
Then, I was a carefree soul.

I am Asian,
You are African.
I am American,
You are Caucasian.

A kind, yet depressed man,
So kind, so sincere, and honest.
Such a man deserves happiness,
Yet hollowness and sadness is all that is felt.

My friends here,
Are the shiniest of diamonds,
They are sparkling topazes,
They are priceless gems.

Flowers have wilted,
Leaves have fallen,
And trees have lost their colorful hue.
There will be a time when they grow once more.

A forever friend,
A thoughtful listener,
A compassionate girl.
What more can I ask for?

A complex puzzle,
Unable to loose a piece,
Always there for you

On November 11th,1918, at 11 in the morning,
Two men were arguing.
One was a father, one was his son.

Everyday is different
Every morning brings the fresh sensation of
Love, beauty, and happiness.

Ohayo, students of the Classical Institute of Music! This is your principle, Kishimata-san. I trust all of you have worked hard over the weekend. I have some news for you all. This year will be slightly different from the previous two; we will also hold a concourse.
First of all, I’ll start with the most important subject; in which everyone one of you will have to part-take in, in order to proceed to the next stage of music; your year-end Exams at the beginning of May (in 1 ½ more month(s)) . You will be tested in Music Harmony, Music History during certain time periods, Musical Composition if you take the extra course and your own instrumental exam, whether it’s keyboard, string, or woodwind. The last subjects of the Exam will be testing your sight-reading ability and your aptitude to connect with the music, for example; the composer’s style, meaning, and his message. Remember, there isn't just one correct answer, because everyone has different musical relations.
After the Exams, at the end of May, we will hold the concourse. We will choose the participants accordingly, with the best musicians participating. This year, we are limiting the contestants to twelve applicants. First, second, and third place will have the opportunity to partake in a two month long music camp from July to September; receiving comments and master classes with many of the world’s prodigious instrumentalists.
Lastly, at the end of June, all of you will perform a chosen composition(s) of your choice. I advise you to start preparing your piece(s) now. This concert will display your achievements and the approaches/attitude/ and the feelings you possess for your selection and instrument. We will have several guest artists visiting and playing. Do appreciate the time you have left to prepare for your Exam, the concourse, and the Concert.

You left too early, my dear sister,
My heart still aches for you, after so many years,
I yearn for your presence,
And to be comforted by an older sister.

A faint shadow, a round lantern.
A distant sphere, posing in the sky.
As Darkness covers us in her veil,
Lights out, and good night.

Tonight, I am all yours.
No matter what, I will love you forever.
Thinking of you,
Your wag is my cue.

Think of tomorrow,
Like another chance.
Think of tomorrow,
Like a second opportunity.

Cassandra Jasmine Biography

Hello Everybody, Thank you for reading my page. I enjoy doing many things: Reading, practicing piano, playing my sister's violin, singing, drawing, training my dogs, and some more. Some of my Favorite books are: The Outsiders by S.E.Hinton The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis Chronicles of Ancient Darkness (Author Unknown to me) Warriors by Erin Hunter Rumble Fish by S.E.Hinton Tex by S.E.Hinton That Was Then, This is Now by S.E.Hinton The Trap by Joan Lowery Nixon Laugh Till You Cry by J.L.Nixon And Many, Many more I love listening to Classical music, here are some composers I admire: Ludwig van Beethoven Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Nicolo Paganini Frederic Chopin Johann Sebastien Bach And several more I have many (Not that many though) pets. Several German shepherds (Will get another one) a Tibetan Mastiff, A Tibetan Terrier, and a Komondorok. I have ten fish (I think one died) , and two birds. And of course, lots and lots of ants.: D Thank you everyone! I'm writing several stories, so PM me if you want to read them!)

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In My World

In My world,
Poverty shan't exist in our world.
Everybody would be treated with equality,
Yet hard work would always be present.

In My world,
People would be judged by what they could do,
Not by their color, religion, or age,
Nor by their gender, beliefs or looks.

In My world,
Technology may not be so abundant as today,
But the lush green valleys and Nature's way,
Shall never perish, nor shall it die away.

In My world,
Animals would know caution and fear,
But death wouldn't be so cruel, and tragic.
Nor shall any animal be shunned upon.

In My world,
Wars would be but a nightmare,
Dictators would just be a legend,
And love would not be a fantasy.

But what is My world?
It doesn't exist, nor shall it ever occur.
Yet one can dream a million miles,
So, I say, let them dream.

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Khairul Ahsan 01 April 2020

A budding poet who has since gone silent! Miss her exuberance at PH, miss her presence in my poems. May she remain well and safe, in these frustrating days of CORONA Pandemic- wherever she is!

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Khairul Ahsan 16 July 2018

A poet in the making. A tender heart that loves to love and be loved.

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Amy Kawai 03 February 2014

How do you ever come up with such great ideas

2 0 Reply
Sandra Feldman 16 October 2013

Tell me, I want to know. From where do you get, Your wonderful Poetic Glow?

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