Broken Friendship Poem by Cassandra Jasmine

Broken Friendship

Rating: 4.3

Where lies friendship,
There lies communication.
However, with communication lost,
Friendship dwindles along with it.

I first thought that we were friends.
Now, perhaps, I know differently.
As awkwardly as an ant trying to fly,
Our relationship was strained to few or no words.

We were once inseparable.
We once had a fierce bond with each other.
But that has all withered,
Yet I know not why.

Well, my sister shall tease me, undoubtedly. I once had a friend, mind you, he/she still IS my friend, but silence from each side... I believe that we are friends no longer.
Beach Girl 28 December 2013

I can completely relate to this poem. It expresses exactly what I'm feeling about someone I know and care about. Insightful poem Cassie! Gave it a 10

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Bri Edwards 30 December 2013

i sent this to MyPoemList. :)

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Bri Edwards 30 December 2013

you write beyond your age, dear poet. more friends will come in your lifetime, even with sister teasing you. a ph reader responding to my 'christmas cards' poem said it prompted her to send some cards to people she had had 'problems' with, in hopes, i believe, of renewing the 'friendships' or whatever she had with them before. if you desire to communicate again, perhaps you could take the first step. they say it takes two to tango, and sometimes things just don't work out the way you'd like them to work out. i have had and still have some friends/? who i would enjoy having more to do with, one way or another, but circumstances don't always allow people to have their desires. enough preaching! ! ! ! i really liked the poem! well done. thanks for sharing. :) bri i just read it once more, bravo. and i esp. liked the line: As awkwardly as an ant trying to fly, , but when i reread it i remembered that some ants DO have wings. really; i've seen some. i guess the ants you know don't have them. too bad.

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The fragility of friendship is well expressed in this touching poem.

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Friendship is a fragile thing. You have shown that well in this poem!

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Khairul Ahsan 01 March 2015

'Yet I know not why' - Does the other party know?

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Khairul Ahsan 01 May 2014

The poem touches our heart. Please do not feel broken by the broken friendship. Try and rekindle the flame of friendship with a fresh communication.

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Tanya Gupta 26 March 2014

its lovely is all i can say......... great one i am also of your age so come and read my poems

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Noreen Carden 03 March 2014

Hey Cassandra this poem is from your heart and it shows well done I give it a ten

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Mac Adrone Adonay 07 February 2014

communication is the bond that binds friendship, once it is broken or lost.. the bond gets weaker and the trust suddenly falls.. good write. :)

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