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Give me a minute of your time
60 seconds to be precise
Before you shut me out
i ask you hear me out

Hold My Hand

An ocean of tears invade your eyes
I see you fighting to hold them inside
The anger within you suffocates your joy
Unable to speak, to express what you feel

Thy Mystique Eyes

As thee speak thy words warilly
with thy resonant voice and thy face unfazed
And as i listen faithfully
for between us there was camaraderie

With Arms Wide Open

With arms wide open, the angels received thee
as i watched, my heart was bleeding
Am wondering, do angels give me kisses
cause I can't stand, the ground has shifted


Suddenly the spotlights on me
am confused, breathing convusively
i want to shrink, appear diminutively
i feel defiled, violated and shy

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I sat down one day and i needed to speak out, but there was no one there, so i wrote it down.I realised that there is magic in words, how they trigger emotions, pass on a message, opinion, lesson-name it.I am not a pro, i am just a young girl trying to say something to someone, anyone.My life is a revolving door and i have never understood the Grim ...

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