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For sometime i have known the
meaning of love and another time
lost the meaning of it sweet
were those moments when i was

They all looked upon me being
the first born in the family
little did they know that i
was also young as they were

I will climb high to reach the sky
even though it is the limit will
you allow me to go beyond your limit

Where are you my love
where is your good morning short message
where is your sweat morning words
where is your soft voice

I am patient my dear as you leave
for work in the far off country
I patiently wait and take care of myself
days seems to be months and months

Its only you that my soul desire
days, weeks and months go by
but the desire for you still
remain strong in me because

I am burning up from the hot desire
is there a fire station around
lovely and soft spoken lover could suit
the situation for i am truly burning up

Listen school of marriage is the only place where people get certificate before starting it
It is only in school of marriage where we don't graduate
It is only in school of marriage where we are in school forever
It is only in school of marriage where we don't have a principal we only have students

I snored and dreamt
to love and to hold
take this ring and
be mine forever

To love is nothing
but to be loved is

Fatherless I am stranded in life
without education no one to
install fatherly love in me
no one to give fatherly instruction

If only my wallet could be charged
every morning before i start my day
shores i could be a queen in my house
and bond a plane to work

Gold a precious thing that is admired
by every being but my gold that i only
admire is different from the one you
know i also think gold is different because

Is it not time to open up your eyes
and see the beauty of the land
yes it is time to wake up and
smell the coffee

I Slept with all your friends and you take my money
it hurts when you beat me and make me have miscourages
there are better men out there I dont need you

I will not be there I will not go home to change
I am done its over cant do it any more
I dont want to throw my treasure i want to recognize
it iam worth

When days are long and nights
never end remember that you have a friend
when there are many trials to bear
and no one seems to really care

It is only in the obedient wife's house you find discipline
children walk away to give way to daddy and guests
when he gets in the house


Thank you my creator for creating
her for him for warmth multiplication
assistance joy comfort and completion

Is it I you are looking for
here i am patiently waiting
smiling in the dark not to be
seen by any other being here i am

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What Is Real Love

For sometime i have known the
meaning of love and another time
lost the meaning of it sweet
were those moments when i was
awaken at 5 am by a message
wishing me a good day but all
over sudden lost it putting me
in a mixed reaction of
what is real love

Real silence befell and was
all alone once more not that
i did anything wrong no the
chemistry got exchanged in
the lab did you know who it
was the real enemy was at
work my God help me know
what is real love

I was created this way short
and chocolate did this make
you silence on me i may not
meet all your demands so
dont blame me for what
i dont have surely
what is real love

Charity Nduhiu Comments

john ngotho 05 December 2017

good thoughts.good judgement.

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Gebru Woldu 29 January 2017

thank you charity for your lofty and beautiful expression of language. words seem simple, but they care great thoughts. i love poems that have some philosophical points. i will say keep, keep it up! ! ! !

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Gebru Woldu 29 January 2017

great! it motivates the people who have a great dream to achieve their goal.

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Akhtar Jawad 10 September 2015

Charity Nduhiu is a lovely poet, I like his poems.

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Charity Nduhiu Quotes

It is better to live like there is God than to live like there wasn't and later find out that there is.

It is easier for 100 rats being led by a lion to win battle than 100 lions being led by a rat.

Dont be a mother/father that your mother/father was the world will not understand you.

Your attitude determine your altitude.

Don't Interpret the present using the eye of the past.

Denying a seed is denying a harvest.

You are never too old to fall in love.

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Charity Nduhiu Popularity

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