Charles M Moore Poems

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Where The Passion Flower Grows

Lay down on your pillow
and turn the lights down low
let me take you to the garden
where the passion flower grows

I And Me And You

I am the redeemer
I will search your soul
to look for all you've given
and seek for all you hold


Chocolate is funny
chocolate is fun
you can spread it on your body
you can lick it with your tongue

That Special Kiss

Let me kiss that special kiss
the one that's more than touch
that gentle pressing of the lips
persuading blood to rush


These letters I write carry thoughts over oceans
scale mountains through forests they set themselves free
these stanzas speed out to all who will read them
ensuring they know they were written by me

A Sonnet Of Love

Skin of creamed alabaster
lips of cherry balm trees
she looked like a Godess from antiquity
her smile like a halo

A Beautiful Day

I walked to the cliff top to watch the sunset
thinking of you and the time that we met
I watched as the sun drifted down from the sky
a reminding reflection of light in your eyes

Timothy The Pirate

You may have heard of blackbeard
a tyrant of the sea
he'd capture ships
and steal the bits off anything he'd see

Youv'E Broken Her Heart

She wakes up early she's got breakfast to make
she'll feed the kids their off to school on their way
well it's just the start of another day without you

What Is The Love Of A Woman

What is the love of a woman
that I simply don't understand
for when I speak she captures my breath
and her heart flutters deeply inside her chest

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