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Lay down on your pillow
and turn the lights down low
let me take you to the garden
where the passion flower grows

I am the redeemer
I will search your soul
to look for all you've given
and seek for all you hold

Chocolate is funny
chocolate is fun
you can spread it on your body
you can lick it with your tongue

Let me kiss that special kiss
the one that's more than touch
that gentle pressing of the lips
persuading blood to rush

These letters I write carry thoughts over oceans
scale mountains through forests they set themselves free
these stanzas speed out to all who will read them
ensuring they know they were written by me

Skin of creamed alabaster
lips of cherry balm trees
she looked like a Godess from antiquity
her smile like a halo

I walked to the cliff top to watch the sunset
thinking of you and the time that we met
I watched as the sun drifted down from the sky
a reminding reflection of light in your eyes

You may have heard of blackbeard
a tyrant of the sea
he'd capture ships
and steal the bits off anything he'd see

She wakes up early she's got breakfast to make
she'll feed the kids their off to school on their way
well it's just the start of another day without you

What is the love of a woman
that I simply don't understand
for when I speak she captures my breath
and her heart flutters deeply inside her chest

We had our ups and downs I know
we both were right and wrong
but sister did I ever tell you
how you made me strong

I believe that Angels
guide you on your way
and I believe that Fairies
come out at night to play

One morning you will wake up
and feel you have no pain
you may hear songbirds singing
you may hear falling rain


Tell me what is it with women
that makes them so strange it's untrue
when your up to your eyes
in your work to survive


Down by the green glen's river
down by the bluebell woods
where the willow branches shiver
in the tall oaks neighbourhood

When the time keeps passing and the world goes round
and the sea is crashing at the cliffs and the sounds
erupting as the seabirds cry, you can watch the river
as the time goes by

How I wondered how I met you
how I saw you, how I sighed
how could I just be part of you
in the twinkle of an eye

This is the tale of Dippy the dog

There was a young poet called Limerick
and Limerick from Limerick came
but he often got lost in the thing of it
when Limerick wrote Limericks from Limerick.

When James rewrote the bible he knew god would never read it
a history of Jesus and he'd never get to see it
the romans saw a bargain that was sitting on a plate
they wanted to be christians and to form a papal state

Charles M Moore Biography

Born in the backstreets of the Gorbals in Glasgow Scotland, Kept in hospital because of Tuberculosis untill I was five, released, and given the all clear when I was fifteen, have always worked for a living and suppose had a pretty hard upbringing, but I wouldn't change it for the world, love life and my outlook of it, have always as far as I can remember written poetry and songs.Initially rewriting the words to old favourites like Maries Wedding for a laugh when singing in the school choir, You will see a similar example of this if you read the poem Pretend, It was written to the music of Michael Jacksons song Ben, Later I wrote songs for various local bands, I Started to get serious when asked to write advertisements and flyers for local events and historical sites and realised I could get paid for doing something I enjoyed, Now I write for my own band The Raptors. We have our own site at Raptor We also have sites on or well as Indie, Drop by and have a listen to some of our music.)

The Best Poem Of Charles M Moore

Where The Passion Flower Grows

Lay down on your pillow
and turn the lights down low
let me take you to the garden
where the passion flower grows

Close your eyes and enter dreams
as love's emotion sets the scene
and flitters through the garden
where the passion flower grows

Touch the tender petals
of the flower as she grows
a tentative endeavour
as your feelings overflow

Let me draw you to the place
where ecstasy can be embraced
the beauty of the garden
where the passion flower grows

Feel your mind exploding
in the heavy scented air
experience the shiver
as your captured unaware

A little touch of heaven
where imagination flows
the valley in the garden
where the passion flower grows.

Charles M Moore Comments

Terry Dawson 14 March 2018

Some beautiful poems here, Charles, well done and thank you!

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Tara Nugent 07 October 2009

I love the way you have written this, it cuts right to the point and it certainly pulled a few strings in my heart. Kudos.

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Charles M Moore Popularity

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