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These letters I write carry thoughts over oceans
scale mountains through forests they set themselves free
these stanzas speed out to all who will read them
ensuring they know they were written by me

It's easy informing you of lifes endeavours
thoughts hopes and feelings fill up every page
but just be aware I am only a writer
and these words of fiction are not what I say

It's simply my business to grip your emotions
as readers you wish that I should entertain
so hopefully you'll find I gave something to you
and I'd like to think that you'll read me again.

Will Barber 13 April 2008

I'll read you again. But probably, I'll have to go back to the top line, then down to the bottom - then back again. Go ahead and grip me. I mean, just my hand. My brain is too mooshy. Great write. - Will

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A . 23 October 2009

Only if you keep writing and posting. :)

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Ben Gieske 21 July 2009

Thanks for the invitation. PH certainly helps us reach out and over and meet new persons and share beautiful things from afar.

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Will Barber 17 April 2008

You may be assured that your words touch many, and your feelings also. This poem drives straight to the heart of the poetic impulse. - Will

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Ann Beard 14 April 2008

Excellent Charles and yes I will read you again. regards Ann

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Patricia Gale 13 April 2008

Your words shall bring me back.... some are deep... some are like a flower waiting to bloom..... Always and ever Patricia

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