Youv'E Broken Her Heart Poem by Charles M Moore

Youv'E Broken Her Heart

Rating: 5.0

She wakes up early she's got breakfast to make
she'll feed the kids their off to school on their way
well it's just the start of another day without you

It's to late now you know you had it made
two kids at home and a wife in bed
but you played around you didn't love her you said
is it true?

You heard her cry as you walked out the door
she whispered something of love
she hurts inside like so often before
and it tears her apart
you've broken her heart

It's funny how it seems like yesterday
you had it all and you threw it away
the kids don't know you and it's better that way
without you

You've let it slide and it hurts you I'm sure
recalling whispers of love
who needs you now that you're down on the floor
and it tears you apart
you've broken her heart.

Jose Saca 08 March 2006

Beautifully tragic.

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<3HEART BEAT....<3 22 March 2010

can you comment my poems plz? ? .........your a great poet, -♥ marissa♥

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Esther Leclerc 05 January 2007

Very realistically drawn, this picture of willful neglect and the resultant loss on both sides. If only people could inhabit each other's emotions on occasion; they'd hurt each other far less often. Well writ, Charlie.

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Will Barber 12 July 2006

A heart-breaking poem, with redemptive insight. One comes to realise eventually that the wrongs that have been done to you are forgotten and forgiven - the wrongs that you have done are the most painful memories, because these you cannot escape.

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Linda Ori 14 April 2006

As they say - you don't know what you've got until you lose it. Why can't we just be happy with what we have, instead of wanting what we don't have? Do we stop living if we are just content? Linda

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Patricia Gale 08 March 2006

The price on pays for thinking the grass is greener on the other side. Tragic Patricia

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